Ordered back into my home, by armed police officers!

So I’m headed out the door to work, just before 4pm this afternoon, it’s literally just across the street and a couple of doors down. Imagine my surprise, as I come up the side of the house and glance up the street to see 4, fully geared up cops, automatic weapons drawn and they have a dog. They immediately point at me and order me back into my house. For no really good reason, all I can think to say is, “But I have to go to work!” They were, needless to say, unimpressed, “Go back in your house - Now!”

I spend the next half hour watching from various vantage posts, as they scour every house on the street. They checked every yard, shed, porch, hedge, garage, etc.

In fact I watch them approach my neighbours back garden garage. When the LOE realized the door was not locked, he made a hand signal, and they took that formation you always see and burst into the garage. It was just like in the movies, yikes! But no one was in the garage. Then it was all clear and I was off to work, no access to news.

But now I’ve returned home and learned there was a man seen with what was thought to be a weapon. There is a public school at the top of the street and they were locked down and while they apparently scoured ten blocks, they have not yet found anyone!

I think it was especially alarming as this is a quiet little neighbourhood in a sleepy little city, where very little high crime occurs, I swear!

It was also unnerving to know I’m probably the only one home during the day on this street! Yikes again.

What’s alarming is this is the response to a man who is ‘thought’ to be carrying a weapon. Especially in a country where carrying weapons is legal in a lot of areas.

The militization of our police force really is disturbing. The focus seems to be entirely on the police officer’s safety now, equipping them with automatic weapons and flashbang grenades along with the authority to burst in unannounced with an entire team. What happened to protecting the safety of the public?

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

Good for the cops. I live in a pretty safe neighborhood, but one day my wife was across the street from our house walking the dog when she saw the SWAT team descend on our house. Turns out one of the sons of the people who owned the house had given his old address. She let them search through the house for him and they left.
We live across the street from an elementary school. We’ve never been on lockdown, but houses by the high school have.

You have no idea what happened. The guy could’ve been aiming the gun at kids. They don’t lock down schools for no reason.

Surely they would have mentioned that if that were what happened?

Well I don’t know that I’d call them militarized, to be honest. I’m in Canada where such things are rare indeed. We live in changing times, this is a large city and this police force is trained to deal with changing situations. Citizens expect their force to be prepared. They do the training and, I suspect, use such opportunities to apply it. They weren’t in camo and didn’t look like soldiers. They were swift and efficient and then gone. If my child was in that school I’m pretty sure I’d have no issue with the response.

Even though it did indeed startle me.

They lock down schools for very poor reasons, such as “fear” (of dismissing a real threat, of a lawsuit should anything happen and they underreact).

No, not hardly. Overreaction happens all the time for incidents that don’t require it due to the nature of crime. A call comes into emergency dispatch: “I see a man I think he has a gun!” Authorities could spend a lot of time questioning the caller, but that might be time lost. For each ten thousand false calls there is a Virginia Tech serial gunman (numbers pulled out of my ass).

As a professional scanner listener I hear numerous incidents occur, perimeters established, searches made and nothing found on a daily basis in a metropolitan area. It just is. The average resident has no idea of the volume of calls any jurisdiction has at any moment because it doesn’t happen where you live & work (most of the time).

And finally due to the limited information any officer has at any given moment they are likely (and wise) not to go spreading rumors, guesses and half truths to the public.

Unfortunately in my area of employment, Washington DC, many agencies appear to feel the public’s need to know what is going on is secondary to any desire for secrecy on their part, real or perceived. In the name of national security, or officer safety, or whatever the phrase popular at the moment is it seems an informed population takes a back seat.

That is fine for many who feel the job of police and security by nature requires secrecy. However given the current tensions across the country (and indeed in parts of the world) between civilians and the police, a healthy dose of transparency is the medicine that will cure most ills.

Unfortunately the patient is refusing the medicine.

(Most of the above comments are aimed at DC MPD. YMMV)

I wonder if it might be related to the New York prison break. No, seriously.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

It would seem to be a bit unusual of an occurrence in Ontario.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming all too common in the US, especially in both the racial minority (especially black) areas and the impoverished areas (of any color).

These days, they’ll lock down the school if somebody drives past in a creepy-looking van. It’s pretty much a muscle reflex.

Report of a sighting of a teenager with a gun. Is this the neighborhood?

At SDMB I read that an American school called some Hazardous Material unit for a mercury thermometer.

… An unbroken mercury thermometer!


Seminole High School locked down after student brings mercury-filled thermometer to class for chemistry project.

Hey, hey, that is my neighbourhood!

I am not surprised that they have been schooled in such responses, these days, nor that they choose to deploy them, that’s kind of what they’re for. And I’ve seen them deployed, from time to time on the local evening news.

But it’s still a little startling to see on your front lawn, on a quiet summer afternoon!

I understand the school being locked down, since schools are often locked down for a lot of different possible threats, thinking it’s better safe than sorry. But it seems strange to me for the police to tell someone to stay inside and to search sheds and garages and such without the okay from the owner, just because someone was seen with a gun. I couldn’t find Ontario specific information, but from this page it seems that guns are legal to own and carry openly in Canada. Either there’s information missing or it seems to me like an overaction by the cops.

Not hand guns. Hand guns are restricted and require permits to transport. We don’t fuck around with hand guns.

Four cops with weapons drawn doing a sweep of your neighborhood and you thought it was a good idea to watch/go near windows?!

I see this on the news quite often: “Well, I heard ‘poppoppop’ and ran over to the window to see what was going on!” :smack: