Ordering Cellphone batteries online

I’m stuck for another year with a cell phone I don’t like, the LG 510, and I need a second battery. Apparently not many other people liked it either, because both Verizon and Sprint have stopped offering it, and things like batteries, too. I’ve stopped at about a dozen wireless stores, none of which have batteries for this model, either.

So I’ve gone on line. Big surprise, places like Amazon don’t have what I need, and I haven’t heard of any of the companies that do. I’m a bit leery. Any suggestions?

I found one for mine at a place called Batteries Plus.

What is it that keeps you “stuck with” this phone for another year? I just had to buy a new battery for my phone from sprint, and the damned thing was so expensive I almost just bought a new phone instead. I happen to not hate my phone, so that’s what pushed me to decide not to spend the extra few $$$, but I was close.

Try here, http://cellphones-accessories.com/, they carry everything.

Ditto peri. I got my (reasonably unpopular) phone battery there, no prob.

Cool, I see that website came up in my Google search but I didn’t know if they were fly-by-night. Thanks!