Oregon Eclipse Dopefest?

I live along the Eclipse sight line in Oregon. I’m already having a small gathering for the event.

I wonder if there is any interest amongst West Coast Dopers (or heck any of y’all) for an Oregon Dopefest for the eclipse in August? If so, I can expand my plans at my home or look into local facilities, depending on the number of interested folks.

Here on the West Coast this will be a breakfast/brunch affair. We are pet and child friendly.


But you drive a BMW, so you’re not all bad.


I will be in Bend for the eclipse. Where are your located?

Pipe down you. :stuck_out_tongue:

In Albany, near Salem. Other side of the Cascades from where you will be; 2-3 hour drive.

I found this great eclipse site that will tell you if your community is in the path of the totality, when it starts, how long, etc. Bend is south of it. You could go North or you could come on over. :slight_smile:

I’m in the middle of moving and expect to be a resident of Ashland by eclipse day. I guess my only hope to see it is to get up at oh-dark-thirty and drive north. Not much chance of finding a room anywhere. If there were a viewing party in Albany, I’d certainly consider trying to get there.

I live in Beaverton. I’m planning on going to my brother’s house in Salem for the eclipse. I don’t own a car; I’m planning on bicycling down that morning. Yeah, it’s about a 3-hour ride, so I’ll have to get up around 6. That’s actually the toughest part. I’m not a morning person.

If you’re going to drive to see it, be sure to get an early start. The traffic is going to be real bad everywhere near the line of totality.

Probably not, as the highways are going to be a complete gridlock. Here in Portland, we will see near totality, with just a sliver of sun showing. But thanks for the offer.

I’m in Oregon, right in the path of the total eclipse but sadly I’m working that day at a local casino that’s going to be just a freaking madhouse lol

We will be moving north from Bend to Mitchell for the actual eclipse.

If you don’t want to do the bike, I am staying in a Beaverton hotel the night before and will drive down to a clear area- to be researched later. I suspect that the roads are going to be crowded with people from PDX heading out so I will still try to be up early. If cloudy, I’ll probably cancel as I am taking the morning off of work. But I am happy to try and give you a ride if you’re interested.

But yes, I’m down for a Salem area get together if one happens- Sunday evening?

Sorry. I would really have liked to come visit, but Wifey is adamant that she is not interested. I don’t know why. Besides, we are just barely outside the path of totality, so I will probably just step out into the yard and watch. If I remember to get some proper dark glasses this time.

Oh, shoot! What a kind offer. I wish I could! I’d love to meet you. But we’ve had a minor financial hit that zeroed out any trips this summer, even just to your area. :frowning:

I’ve had a thought for those in the area but worried about traffic. I’m going to check trains. Amtrak stops 5 minutes from my house. The Coast Starlight and the Cascades both stop. I don’t know if they’re planning on adding any trains for the eclipse. I’ll research and see if any trains would arrive in time that day, or if folks would have to train in the day before.

Bumba - I’ve got tons of the glasses. Shoot me a pm with your address and I’ll mail you a pair.

ETA: Bumba’s comment reminds me I should have mentioned that we have telescopes, and a lot of the viewing glasses on hand. :smack:

I was late making camping reservations. Coming down from the Seattle area, and we will camp south of the Yakima Valley and then drive to somewhere around Shaniko for the actual eclipse.

really nice of you to offer, and good user name topic combo Sunny Daze

I appreciate the offer. I’m going to do a dry run to my brother’s house a few weeks before the eclipse to see how long it takes. I’ve never cycled to his house before. After that, I’ll see.

Lengthy article in the Chicago Trib this a.m., saying the influx of eclipse watchers could strain OR resources, clog roads, etc. Probably exaggerated, but you might wish to be sure you are prepared, rather than assuming you can go wherever you want and get whatever you wish at the time. And if there is a specific spot you think will be PERFECT for viewing, chances are a few thousand other folk have the exact same idea.

Did I mention the new Weber BBQ y’all helped my pick out? :rolleyes:

How about this: I’ll propose a different time for a proper Dopefest at my place without so many other folks on the road, because I’d love to meet everyone.

Anyone who can make it is still welcome. :slight_smile: