Oregon first state to pass new guns laws after Florida shooting

Oregon has just passed legislation aimed at closing the “boyfriend” loophole in state laws. This legislation was submitted for consideration prior to the shooting in Florida, but the governor stated tonight on the Rachel Maddow show that it did move much more quickly after that event.

The ban applies to those who have been convicted of stalking or domestic violence crimes. It also applies if there is a restraining order in place.

They can’t own guns or buy them.

I am not clear in my own mind yet about the way out of this gun mess we’re in, but I agree without reservation that this group of people does not need access to fire arms. I’m proud to be an Oregonian today.

Aye; cracks in the facade.

March 24th, y’all; see y’all there!

Me, too. There was a state legislator, Representative Rich Vial, who represents District 26. He really struggled with his decision, having taken NRA money and apparently serves a more pro-gun part of the state. Choking back tears, he spoke of the massacre in Parkland on the tee vee, with eloquence and sincere grief when the vote was taken, saying he thought of his own family. Said he could no longer in good conscience support the NRA’s agenda. He cast his vote in favor of the legislation.

I wrote to him and thanked him. Even though he doesn’t represent my district, what he did took courage.

I caught Kate Brown on Maddow tonight as well. She was terrific. :slight_smile:

Video here: Oregon lawmakers seek expanded gun purchase ban for abusers | kgw.com

I’m sure I disagree with this guy on a lot of things, but I’d still give him a hug and share food with him. Good job, Rich Vial.

I will admit, Oregon did the right thing.
Still can’t wait to see anti and pro-gunners [especially the latter] still try to argue their shit out. Maybe both can learn from Oregon’s actions.

This is an extension of a law passed last year that closed the “gun show loop hold” … EVERY gun transaction must have a background check … with exceptions for family members and domestic partners … this new law removes just that one exception for domestic partners …

We can still give our sons a gun, but if we want to buy our neighbor’s gun we both have to go down to a gun shop and do the background check … and gun shows have to have a booth set up to do these checks … there’s been a little push-back on this law but surprisingly none from gun show organizers … apparently it’s really easy and cheap to run these checks at the shows …

Because it was never a problem in the first place. The laws did not stop applying just because someone was at a “gun show”. It would be interesting to see how often the BGC kiosks at gun shows are being used.

Technically those things were already been disqualifying under federal law for background checks. If the state wasn’t criminalizing something or reporting it to the feds, though, those checks fail. Something as boring and policy wonkish as state level reviews of and changes to reporting restraining orders could keep guns out of the hands of people the law already says aren’t supposed to have them. A lot of the typical fights are over new federal laws. We’re still in a position where bad data can prevent effective enforcement of current federal law.

It’s good to see Oregon moving to fill in that gap. Hopefully, the reporting piece is effective and efficient.

I’ll be there. DC, specifically, since I know there are marches in many places.

My understanding is that these rules don’t apply to private party sales … under Federal law I can sell my gun to my neighbor without running a background check or filling out any forms … Oregon law fills this gap by requiring background checks on most all gun transactions …

Apparently, we can still offer a gun as a prize for a raffle … “Oregon Gun Raffle To Raise Funds For Children’s Programs Sparks Outrage” – OPB – Feb 22nd, 2018 …