Origin of an SDMB meme

I’ve got penis ensues, I’ve got 1920’s style death rays, I’ve got just once, in 1960 for 20 minutes, I’ve even got I burning your dog.

Does anyone remember the precise origin of “Rio, by Duran Duran”?

The Rio meme was started by some accidental simulposts. This is the thread that started it all.

A celebration of memes cited for no reason but their memosity.

Rio the dog and the trench I haven’t seen (GQ since 200090). Maybe MPSIMS or BBQ local.

I’ve been trying to mention Orson Bean at every opportunity in order to create a new meme. It’s kind of taken off in the erroneous trivia and free association threads. Feel free to join in!

Have you had instances of a fusion of Orson Welles and Mr. Bean yet? :smiley:

One does tend to lead to the other…

Hey, he was great in The Hobbit.

Never mind. Misunderstood a post.

And as embarrassing as hell the week before it aired for the first time.

It was around Thanksgiving of 1977. High unemployment (c. 6.5%) had been a common topic on the nightly news. Bean came on at the end of the broadcast one evening to tell everyone that he was THANKFUL to be unemployed, because his latest project was in the can, and due to air on Sunday night.

That may have been the last time I ever watched TV news on purpose.

Let’s go down to the quarry and throw memes in it.

Hey, we can’t all have sheep as a hobby like Hal.

My name is warts?