Origin of "hot"="attractive"

How long have people used the word “hot” to mean “attractive” or sexy-- as in the phrase, “She’s hot!” ?
Also, the term “hot pants” for shorts-- how long has that been around? I am thinking early 1970s, but I may be wrong.

According to the OED:

So it dates way back. The cites are rare until about 1892, and most of them date from the 20th century.

Addendum: “Hot pants” dates from 1936 in the OED, but did not mean an article of clothing until the 60s or so. The phrase usually referred to a sexually active woman.

The specific meaning of a man calling a woman “hot” to mean she’s what we today know as sexy dates in print from the late 1920’s.

“Hot pants” to mean “short shorts” start to appear in Paris in 1969 and are avertised in NY in 1970.