Origin of the term “four-twenty”?

Origin of the term “four-twenty”?

I had not heard it till I moved from D.C. to California where it’s used as code for smoking marijuana. 4:20 in the afternoon is understood to be a good time to smoke a bowl. I climbed a landmark tree on the University of California at Santa Cruz Campus, and found a receipt from a drugstore impaled on a twig on one of the uppermost branches. It looked completely unremarkable to me but I imagined there must be something of significance about it that I was missing. I mentioned it to one of my fellow climbers and he pointed out that the due amount was $4.20. Apparently this is a magic number. I have been told its use spans the country and that companies have incorporated it into their names, so I was a bit surprised when I did a search for it here in the SD and turned up no hits. As its connotative use relates to smoking pot, I imagine it will be a challenge to pin down it’s original denotative use but perhaps someone will at least get close.
Here is what the marijuana afficionado magazine High Times has to say about it:

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Snopes: 420

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I want to thank you smart fellows for your help. It was most white of you. God as my witness, I did a few searches and turned up nothing, as it’s possible you may have guessed from reading my post. Terribly sorry if I have made you fritter away a portion of your life on my thoughtless and inconsiderate query. Rest assured I will try hard not to ask anymore foolish or imperfectly researched questions, from this point on.

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