Origin of the term "wenis"

Just learned that the wenis is the loose skin around your elbow. Dictionary.com has no listing for it, although of course urbandictionary.com has page after page. I assume it’s jokey-slang to sound like the male reproductive organ. Anyone know?

I first heard it used on a Friends episode.

Of course, that was an acronym for “Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics,” not elbow skin.

(I enjoyed the Annual Net Usage Statistics part as well, even though it only came up once.)

FWIW, “Show Me Your Weenis” was the title of a 1998 Mr Show episode, in which the titular phrase is used. Not used in reference to elbows, though.

Heh, I looked at the thread title and decided it was a portmanteau of “wiener” and “penis” before I even read what it was.

Very bizarre. I also recently learned of this word just this weekend, after an apparently wenis-related incident at my niece’s prom. Had never heard the term before then, other than the above-mentioned Friends reference.

Huh. I watched Friends pretty often, and don’t remember that reference.

I just pulled out my copy of Gray’s Anatomy. There’s a Watney (part of the thymus), a Willis, circle of (part of the brain), A Wormian (bone). No Wenis.

The inside bend of the elbow is the anticubital space. The back side is the… wait for it… elbow.

Someone’s having fun at your expense, I’m guessing.

My girlfriend uses “wenis” to refer to the elbow. I’ll ask her where she heard it.

Look under the section entitled “Career”

No word resembling this in the OED.

Weenus sounds like it could be a rather unfortunate Irish moniker.

Well, I asked my girlfriend and she doesn’t remember where she heard it used to mean elbow (aside from thinking it is from Friends, which we’ve already established used it to mean something entirely different).

Her sister is also over and attests to kids using the expression “give me wenis” and rubbing elbows. She doesn’t have any idea about the origin of it either, though.

“Wenis!” is also fun to call out to random people as you drive past the bus stop.

Or so I’ve… heard… seen on TV… read online… somewhere.

The earliest reference to “wenis” and “elbows” I could find in Google News archive was a 2006 article, so the modern definition of the term is not that old.

My now-adult kids have been using this word for at least ten years, usually in the form of “Dude, I can see your wenis!” Kind of like how when I was in grade school we would say “Your epidermis is showing!”

I just asked my 7th-grade and 9th-grade daughters if they’d heard the term “wenis”, and while my 9th-grade daughter said “What? Like on Friends?” my 7th-grade daughter said “Yes! YES! YES!!! Every idiot at my school does ‘Wenis Wednesday’ where they run up to you and smack your elbow and say ‘HAHAHA!’ and then run to the next person in the hall and do it again, then again, all the way down the hall. It’s so stupid!”

I’m not doing the vehemence of her reply justice. It was hilarious to watch my normally mild-mannered daughter freak out about the whole thing.

I guess I’m going to have to call our ergonomics lady to see if she can offer some relief for my tennis wenis.

Thanks, everyone. Good to know.

The Friends episode that WENUS was used was Season 8, Episode 21, first aired on 5/2/2002.