Original Galactica pilot broadcast: preempted?

Can anyone resolve this memory conflict I have? I would swear that when the pilot for the original Battlestar Galactica aired, it was interrupted in the middle by a presidential address, and then continued where they left off. The thing is, I would also swear that the presidential address was Ronald Reagan denouncing the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire”, in a way that drew a parallel to the evil Cylons. Yet this is impossible: Reagan didn’t take office until 1981. And I can’t remember Carter making any fire-and-brimstone Cold War television addresses. So what am I (mis)remembering?

I remember the original, but don’t remember it being interrupted by anyone.

I watched the original series, and I don’t remember any interruptions other than the commercials.

Maybe your local station interrupted for a weather warning or something else of local interest.

Wow, I can’t believe I found this, but I stumbled upon this submission on IMDB trivia really by accident (When I’m bored I go on there and read trivia):

“The night of the original three-hour premiere was interrupted by the signing on the peace accord between ‘Begin’ (Prime Minister of Israel) and ‘Sadat’ (Prime Minister of Egypt) and mediated by President Jimmy Carter.”

So you can sleep well tonight… :slight_smile:

I can vouch for this as a number of us were gathered in the IU Memorial Union around the Super-Giant Screen TV that had been put in that year to watch it. And as the Doomed 12 worlds rejoiced at the peace accord reached with the Cylons ending a long and bloody conflict, it was interrupted by Carter, Sadat and Begin and the historic signing of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel – We were keenely arware of the potential Irony.

I believe less than 4 years after that Sadat was assassinated, mostly for his part in daring to seek peace with Israel.
It happened – I was there.