Original source of Step 3: Profit?

We’ve all see it all over the net:

Step 1: ___
Step 2: ??
Step 3: Profit!

I’ve seen it so darn much I can’t even remember the original. Was it the Far Side? Simpsons? Dilbert? Monty Python?

And forget googling. There’s too much noise muddying the signal on this one. I’m sure I knew once, but it’s gone.

As for what I’m planning on doing with this information, let’s just call this “Step 1”.

The first place I saw it was on South Park with the underpants gnomes.

South Park Season 2 Episode 17

And IIRC, it was based on the dot.com boom at the time. Alot of websites were being thrown up as step 1. Step 2 was ?? And step 3 was Profit!

It worked at the time.

And, of course, this has become a massive in-joke on Slashdot.

Of course, Slashdot is a massive in-joke on Slashdot.

now would be a good time for a smackie. if he were around.

Of course! South Park. Thanks, guys.