Inspired By Various Great Debaters

Conservation Tip:
Do not use the full truth when a half-truth will do. A half-truth requires 50% of the effort of a full truth, yet it results in twice the ire, twice the fire.

I thought you were supposed to give an aye for an aye, and a truth for a truth?

It’s puns like that which make me think that maybe Hell is not a bad idea after all.

Truth? I’m supposed to be telling the TRUTH out here? Oh shit howdy! I thought I was just supposed to repeat things I’ve heard! Damn! No WAG? Please? Just a tad? Bummer!

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

Slap my ass and call me Cheeky, but I have to break down and ask. What does WAG stand for? Please? Pretty please?

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

WAG = Wild Assed Guess.
SWAG = Strictly Wild Assed Guess.

Over in the “About this Message Board” forum they have a whole thread devoted to this stuff. (It maybe pretty old.) There was talk of putting acronyms in the FAQ, but I haven’t checked lately.


Is “what’s a FAQ?” a FAQ?

FAQ? I thought y’all wuz bein’ mean to them homersekshulls.

Homersexual? I don’t know whether to make jokes about baseball or the Simpsons.

Bart (on phone): “I need to speak to Homer.”

Moe (the Bartender): “Homer who?”

Bart: “Homer … Sexual!”

Moe (to the bar): “Homer Sexual? Is there a Homer Sexual here? Come one, one of you guys has gotta be a Homer Sexual!”

I still don’t know if it’s called a Flaming Homer or a Flaming Moe …

The (completely non-PC) name “flaming HoMoe” popped into my head. Though they probably couldn’t say that on the Simpsons; it’s on more of a South Park level.

Aura…remembering a character (in a satirical story I once read) named “Fleming Ayniss”

(and he was!)

Homer made this drink by accident at his house and he called it the Flaming Homer,

Homer asked moe to make that drink for him later and then Moe called it the Flaming Moe. It became a popular drink…

Oh, yeah, I remember that episode. That was the one where Marge had this really tall blue hairdo and Homer said “D’OH!”. It was great!


Yeah, but in Alabama it’s homosex-y’all

A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes-but doesn’t