Orioles Pitcher: heat stroke question

It said on the news that Steve Bechler died of multiple organ failures brought on by heat stroke. My question is, how could that have been prevented? Clearly, a rest break or two once in a while would have helped, but once he began feeling dizzy, as the newsman said, what could have been done? Would water have helped?

This seems counter-intuitive, but if heat stroke has already set in, trying to get the victim to drink is one of the worst things you can do.

First, fluids need to be delivered into the system as fast as possible, so an IV is needed. Also, the victim tends to vomit up anything in his stomach, making dehydration all the worse.

Second, reduce body temperature by any means available. Ice packs applied to blood centers (groin, neck, arm pits) is good.

There was speculation he may have been on some diet pill, IIRC, which may be linked with dehydration. An autopsy remains to answer such questions…if this pill was in his system. Also, the link is not hard and fast, but it sounds like there is growing concern about it. Dang, I can’t recall the name of the (legal) drug in question! - Jinx

Ephedrine, I believe. It’s a lot like caffeine. Read about it here.

Autopsy has been done, and a reporter in FL is reporting that the coroner will state that ephedrine “may have contributed” to his death. A substance banned by the NBA, NCAA and the USOC.

Apparently there was a diet supplement containing ephedra in his locker.

The medical examiner also reported that the young man had borderline high pressure, an undiagnosed liver disorder, and was overweight.

Add in the heat, humidity, and the ephedrine and you’ve got an unfortunate set of circumstances.