OS X versus Microsoft Vista...hrmm...

This is an open-ended question/comment I suppose, but what do you think about Microsoft finally getting the ball rolling on Vista (the OS formerly known as Longhorn)? How do you think it will counter the lastest Apple software? I own both types of machines, and the new OS for the MAC rocks my world. Can it really be topped?

I would like to spur discussion on this topic…(if it hasn’t been beaten to death already)

i haven’t heard anything bout vista,
but i’m a solid mac fan

If you mean “will Vista sell more copies than Tiger?”

The answer is yes.

If you mean something different…it depends on what you want out of an OS and its associated hardware.

FWIW…I’m a Mac user, but use Windows on occasion as well.

So, just what is Vista supposed to offer that a Mac doesn’t already have today? :wink: Microsoft keeps scaling back the promised “innovations” for Longwait^H^H^H^H^H^H Vista that I’ve lost track.

What is it that Vista is supposed to add to the Windows experience. From what I’ve read, it looks like it’s mostly eye candy. Not that eye candy is bad, per se. I get a little excitement every time I change users on my mac and see the screen rotate away as though it were a side of a cube. It’s just that it’s not much to base a new operating system on.

I wonder that too. I like a new look every year or so, but with OS X Tiger, there is no question about the improved functionality of the product.

Well, given how long it is taking M$ to get Longhorn/Vista out, Apple will probably be onto OSXI by then. :wink:

I honestly haven’t heard about it offering anything that I don’t already get from XP. From the sounds of things I’m not alone and they’re having a problem finding solid reasons for people to upgrade.

Well, some articles I read said it’s supposed to have more security built into it at a lower level. What exactly that will entail I do not know.

The only thing I’ve heard about Vista is that it will have a “friendlier user interface.” That certainly doesn’t excite me, and in fact rather makes me dread its release.

I had thought that the big item was 64 bit machines. I would imagine that what will need to happen first is for them to come up with a very strong server edition and start releasing on 64 bit servers–and then the people who get used to using the new, prettier interface at work will start buying it, and it will trickle outward from there.
But indeed, I don’t think most people are ready to upgrade from XP yet. There are still minor Service Pack 2 issues–and updating to something newer and buggier from the same company isn’t going to happen. I wouldn’t imagine that any movement to get Vista in homes will begin for at least a year and a half.*

  • Official Sage Rat prediction.

Microsoft is developing a commandline shell called Monad. And it won’t be done in time for Vista’s release.

Prediction: After its predicted three-to-five year development, Monad still won’t be nearly as good as bash.

Microsoft Bob XP! :smiley:

Heh, I heard Vista in an acronym for “viruses, infections, spyware, trojans and adware”.

My god, some geek no doubt thought he was funny figuring that out. :rolleyes:
Why OS X vs Vista? Why not Linux vs Vista? Unless this is a “Macs are great” thread in disguise

Well, it amused me.

Well, considering that the two OS’s most folks are likely to encounter are Vista and OS X, it doesn’t seem too unreasonable to me to ask the question. (I’m a PC user, BTW, but I like Macs.)

It’s not a matter of which to OSs are most likely to be encountered now. It’s what will be the situation by the time Microsoft finally release their product. Convince me that they won’t have serious competition from Linux.

Given that Linux has only shown slow growth over the past couple of years, what makes you think that it’ll suddenly accelerate to the point where it overtakes the sales of Macs and becomes a serious threat to Windows?

Cost. One of the biggest disputes on the corporate level between MS and Linux is over total cost of ownership - try arguing for Macs on that basis!
Anyway, my main point was that the new OS isn’t intended to woo people who would otherwise spend a fortune on a Mac (not least because it wouldn’t), and would ideally be taking XP users into a familiar envoronment which nonetheless is created from scratch.