OSCAR POLL - Best Adapted Screenplay

If you were an Academy member, for whom would you vote?

Still pretty evenly spread. Here’s one category where the most impressive achievement to these eyes (Lincoln) isn’t in the movie I prefer the most (I actually like most of the other films better).

I voted for Life of Pi.

It wasn’t my favorite screenplay (Argo and Silver Linings Playbook would be my two favorite scripts) but Life of Pi gets points for difficulty, adapting a book that many had said was impossible to adapt.


I concur. If you take a book that most people say is unfilmable, then turn it into a successful film, you’ve gotta get some credit for that! And I haven’t even seen Life of Pi!

I really enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook, Argo and Lincoln. I thought all three of those scripts were very well done. If I had to choose a favorite from those three, I think I go with Lincoln.

I nearly voted for Pi (for degree of difficulty, as stated above). It still gets my vote for Best Director for that reason.

But I think Lincoln did an amazing job of taking an incredibly dry subject - the political machinations of passing a constitutional amendment - and making it totally comprehensible and engrossing. So my vote goes to Kushner.

I voted for Silver Linings Playbook. The framing device in Life of Pi really rubs me the wrong way, and the unnecessary opening and closing scenes of Lincoln take it down just a notch below Silver Linings Playbook, which I think juggles tone and character very nicely throughout. I wish The Perks of Being a Wallflower had made it in here, though.