Oscar Voting

Anyone know how the oscar voting is done? Do they vote once, count them, then the top 5 are the ones nominated? Or does someone determine the nominees then ballots are sent out with only those choices?

If it’s the latter, then who decides the nominees? Do they vote twice, once for the nominees and once again for the winners?

Check out http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/oscar00/index_allabout.sml
Voting for all eligible movies is in December, final nominations in by January, etc.

I guess they should have kept the part when they read the rules in the broadcast instead of making it a crawl at the end of the show when everybody is asleep.

The only category all members can nominate for is Best Picture. In all the others, only members of that speciality can make nominations. Once the nominations are made everybody can vote in all the categories.