Oscar Wilde quote

I recall hearing a story about how a friend of Oscar Wilde’s once caught him amorously chasing a young man around the room who was in his employ. Mr. Wilde had sworn earlier he’d refrain from this activity in the future and his friend remonstrated “I thought you were going to turn over a new leaf” whereupon Mr. Wilde responded “I will, just as soon as I get to the bottom of this page.”

An apocryphal story? Has anyone else ever heard it? I googled briefly but could find nothing.

Never heard that one, but it sounds similar to when Wilde took the stand in a libel suit and the prosecutor ‘Carson asked Wilde directly whether he had ever kissed a certain servant boy, Wilde responded, “Oh, dear no. He was a particularly plain boy – unfortunately ugly – I pitied him for it.”’ Didn’t really help his case.