Listen fuckhead, all I was getting at is that the bad faith cunt making pathetic requests for cites that ANYONE who knows the slightest thing about the subject understands was not as bad as a holocaust denier for the simple reason that the cunt was making this up out of antagonism, mod manipulation, and so on rather than the wholesale denial of a destricution of a people either so that the same thing can be done in the future or to excuse war criminals.

Is that explained well enough for a retard like yourself? Or do you need it in four letter words?

What the fuck is your problem?

This is not really a pit thread but I put it here so I can say what I really think.

It has everything to do with it you disingenous cocksucking fuck, it’s families being thrown out of where they had been, often for generations, due to sectarian violence. And to deny this happened is either gross naivety, insanity, or simple lying. It can be nothing else.

Might wanna link the original thread if you expect us to pile on the fuckhead. Or you. Whichever, I ain’t particular.

For the folks playing along at home, here is the thread this person is talking about, and where he provides the world’s worst cite.

But let me illustrate to OtakuFuckwi the difference between the moronic claims of Gadai and that of Irving or whoever. Gadai just wants to make shit up to exonerate people and make it seem like the IRA are analagous to the French Resistance or similar. A holocaust denier on the other hand wants to pretend neither the criminals nor the crimes existed. Aye I damned with faint praise when I said this twat wasn’t a holocaust denier, but I never planned to call him one and I don’t think a fair person can think I did call him so. I just set a limit for my contempt, a limit he still hasn’t come close to breaching even with his extended stupidity

Bozo, I didn’t step in until you decided that you were going to make a cutesy tongue-in-cheek denial of a comparison, and when you got called on it - you claimed “But I never meant it that way.”

Well, Bozo, I decided to offer a perfectly parallel comparison to show you just how much bullshit that was. You tried to use an ad hominem attack, and now you’re having a goddamned hissy-fit because you’re getting called on it. I can honestly say I am proud to be Pitted for this, and want to thank you for your part in this.

Considering that the majority of posters on this board are not from the UK, nor from Ireland, providing the sorts of basic everyone here knows this shit cites is nothing more than simple courtesy. I am not going to get into you with debating the factual substance of your claims in that other thread. I do not have the historical appreciation to be able to place things in the proper context for such a debate.

If you wanted to appear at all worth debating, you would have provided those citations when first asked. As it is, the impression you’re giving is that of someone who is on shaky ground and trying to fly a smoke screen to avoid having to admit how shaky the evidence might be.

Again, I don’t have a horse in the race about the claims of ethnic cleansing. I just objected to your chickenshit claim that you weren’t making offensive ad hominem attacks in an attempt to avoid providing what you’re now claiming is basic information. Enjoy your vitriol. I know I am.

You got all that from “Cite?”

You’re a fuckwit. You don’t understand what “not” means.

Edit: That @ Otaku

The claim wasn’t that there was sectarian violence in Ireland. No one on earth would deny that. The claim was that there was systematic ethnic cleansing of Protestant Brits in Ireland.

No one said systematic.

As for the general claim, to deny it is ludicrous. Again, ten seconds on google I find this: http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/speak-it-in-a-whisper-irish-ethnic-cleansing-1200486.html

(Furthermore, look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Irland_protestants_1861-1991.gif - you think that’s all cause catholics weren’t using birth control?)

Had you been willing to provide these cites in the original thread, instead of coyly making your comparison, I never would have stepped in. I don’t say I would have been convinced, but I would never have felt you were being a fucking clown.

However, let me re-iterate: I spoke up to call you on your bullshit comparison of An Gadai. You said this:

And when you got called on the implicit comparison where your sentence was crafted to leave the reader considering that An Gadai was a Holocaust denying asshole, you said you’d never said any such thing.

Which is where I stepped in. I offered you a completely parallel sentence, where-in I didn’t call you a fucking clown. I’ll admit that the coda to my post did call you one, but it was simple repetition to make it clear that I am willing to own the insults I throw out. I said nothing in that other thread about Irish history. Given my own tastes, Irish history is something I’ve only encountered as an adjunct to subjects more dear to my heart. The Irish have not been a naval power, after all.

Yes they did. That’s what ethic cleansing IS, an organised scheme to drive out or kill members of a group who aren’t wanted.

You’re new here and maybe you don’t understand. When you make a claim about historical facts that are not widely known, you should expect people to ask for cites. And you should respond civilly and provide them, instead of acting like a total dick while explaining that your claim is such a universal truth that no cite is necessary.

As for your cites, the map is entirely worthless. It shows a change in population, but makes no claims and offers no evidence on why those changes happened.

The other one is more on point, though pretty ludicrously weak and if Lust4Life, had linked to it or another like it, there wouldn’t have been nearly the uproar.

And did you notice that the Moderator made clear that the kind of claims made by Lust4Life DID need supporting evidence?

I’m not saying that you’re a chundering chucklehead of chthonic comprehension, but maybe you should reconsider your point of view.

Actually I have to disagree with this. I don’t think it’s intended to suggest An Gadai is a Holocaust denier, but the amount of dishonestly in the one is akin to the other.


The original claim was that following the Anglo-Irish War, there was ethnic cleansing. So far, we have been offered one link to Wikipedia talking about flight from violence by both sides in 1969–rather distant fropm 1921–and one link to a horrible and likely unjust execution that occurred while the war was still going on.

Your claims that such ethnic cleansing was known by ANYONE who knows the slightest thing about the subject is interesting in that no one seems to be able to provide any citation that is relevant.

I am not claiming that there could not have been some level of ethnic cleansing following the 1921 truce, (the original claim), but I am not persuaded by erroneous links and angry words. I am particularly not persuaded that your claim that it is a well known fact has any merit.

Careful with the cunt calling.

Oh and sectarian violence is sectarian.

As somebody born and raised in Northern Ireland, I will simply note that Lust4life is the worst kind of ignorant ballbag, the kind that dresses his ignorance up in vestiges of personal experience and authority.

“I was in Ireland, so I know what I am talking about” following repeated and horribly uninformed opinion pieces on Irish history. It is rather infuriating to see somebody continually spouting such bullshit.

Simple Linctus is just retarded. He sounds like the type that pisses on all the lampposts outside his house to mark his territory.

A gross omission, which I shall rectify. Simple Linctus, you’re a fucking clown.

Simple Linctus, a lot of your rhetoric is in violation of the Pit language rules. Please read the preceding link, and avoid using any of the listed insults against other posters in the future.

No warning issued.