Hahahahaha! Hungarian anti-Semite politician surprised to learn he's Jewish!

Here’s the story I noticed among the headlines.

This clown is actually a member of the EU parliament, and it seems clear intelligence is no more a prerequisite for that job than one on Congress here. How this revelation came about is really fuzzy, but part of it is: he had a conversation with a guy that was secretly taped. The guy told him he had proof of his Jewish ancestry, and Szegedi responds by offering the guy money and a job to STFU. Seriously, you idiot, don’t you even check the legitimacy of the “documents”?

Now his loony party wants him to resign his EU seat, not because he’s Jewish, on no, of course not, but because he offered a bribe. His business partners have bailed on him. His personal assistant quit.

Ah schadenfreude, how I love your bittersweet taste!

Oy vat a schmuck!

It’s a tragedy that a survivor of Auschwitz and Dachau had a grandchild with anti-Semitic views. I’m glad she was still alive to set him straight.

Maybe, just maybe he’ll change for the better.

And some people – even some people on this message board – say that anti-Semitism in Europe is no longer a problem. Here we have someone elected to the European parliament who is outspoken about his dislike of Jews. Or at least, he was.

I know of one Jewish anti-Semite in Australia. Used to post conspiracy crap on the IMDb.

Agreed, and love this phrase also!

I don’t know why, but I don’t find anything about the whole epsiode to be remotely funny.

Won’t be the first person to hate himself.

And at least this one didn’t know he was hating himself. I’ve remembering a female PhD student who claimed that women should never be managers or teachers, prompting a post-doc’s question of “why the fuck are you working on a PhD then? You think it’ll look pretty on the bathroom wall?”

I’ve known several women who’ve refused to work for another woman.

Obligatory link to Dave Chappelle routine - Clayton Bigsby, black white supremacist:

http: // www.youtube.com / watch?v=2i9iTYe6tEk

Broke link, possible NSFW language.

The former Soviet Bloc countries are awash with anti-semitism and just about any other anti you care to name.

This is hilarious. At least now he is out of office.

Rails about the Jewishness of the political elite only to find his claims are so true that he himself is Jewish!

It’s a conspiracy I tells ya.

No he isn’t. He left (or maybe was kicked out of) all his positions in the party, but he still has his seat in the EU – unless you’ve seen a more recent story than I have.

The Jewish conspiracy is so secret they don’t even tell the Jews!

And this guy – he was a sleeper agent. Now that he’s activated, he’ll handle his reins of power on behalf of The Mensch.

It might be a case of people surrounded by those who hate them, become more converted then the converted.

First as an act of self preservation, then to rationalise their behaviour they become the witch hunter rather then the witch.

I’ve seen the same in Ireland, in one case a family who were incredibly Irish Nationalist, supported the worst atrocities of the P.I.R.A. and absaloutley hated the English, turned out to be almost totally of English descent, and who developed their new found Republican fervour at the time of Irish independance when Protestants and Brit descendants were being ethniclly cleansed, either by expelling them with just the clothes that they stood up in, or in the other way.

And I don’t think that we can judge them, when we too are in a position where we could lose everything, would you have the guts to tell the bad guys to take a hike ?

And having done that, would you have the moral courage to tell yourself that you’d actually committed an act of treachery against your friends, family and co religionists.

Or convince yourselves that, that is what you WANTED to do all along ?


Makes me wonder if Szegedi defined Jewishness as being transmitted down the mother’s line of descent. If he did, fine. Perfect comeuppance for him. If he didn’t, how is applying that definition of Jewishness to him so different from Mormons claiming Holocaust victims?

He’s “Jewish” because of a ridiculous and superstitious Jewish law that says his “Jewishness” is because of his maternal grandmother. Poppycock. He’s a Presbyterian with Jewish grandparents that failed him.