Othar Tryggvassen and the Fog Swami of Transylvania

I’m looking for a copy of Othar Tryggvassen and the Fog Swami of Transylvania. Anybody own one? Where did you get it?

HERE’S where I heard of it.

:smiley: :wink:

BTW–Any other Agatha Heterodyne fans on the SDMB?

Yes, but I’m still in 101, so don’t spoil anything for me!

Go to Amazon, & check out the collection!
Collection #5 is due out by the end of the week!

OOOOH! I’m so excited, I think I’m gonna plotz!


Uh, too late. You might have figured out the spoiler already, though.

Yeah, that spoiler I caught while checking out other things I thought were safe on the website.

I figure that it’ll not be too huge a deal, as part of what’s interesting is watching her journey anyway. Hell, in 101, today was the first day she even realized she was a spark and that we’ve all basically known all along.

I am considering the collections, but I haven’t decided yet. Part of being a starving grad student is that I can get things free, but donate or buy shirts or something when I have some spare dosh that doesn’t equal a book.