Segues into obsession

I mentioned to a friend today how I have every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on tape.

I can also quote extensively from almost any given episode.

Apparantly, this is odd. <shrug>

Oh, and then there’s that whole Altoid thing…

Okay, yes, I’m a devoted fangirl… but I can point to my best friend since early childhood and say that he can name the specific episode of the Simpsons simply from viewing the opening credits!

Anyone care to discuss their obsessions?

I meticulously catalogue every book, record, tape, CD, comic book, DVD, VHS Videotape (including home-taped ones). I’m building databases in all categories mentioned, cataloguing by title, author, year released/published, and on and on. I just like the idea of having files on my stuff. It’s easy to look up things that way as well.

Thomas Jefferson did it too.


Welll…looking at video collection

I have every episode of Highlander on tape.

I have every episode of The Sentinel on tape.

I have every episode of the Magnificent Seven on tape.

I’ve now decided to get every episode of Homicide on tape.

I can quote from all of the above. :smiley:

I have every Rush album ever made. Plus a few bootlegs.

I have every Dave Matthews album ever made. Again, plus a few bootlegs.

Obsessed? Me? Nah… :wink:

Oh, goody. A chance to talk about my Andrew Lloyd Webber cast CD collection. I will buy any ALW cast CD, anywhere, any place, any price. I own over 130 ALW cast CDS in fifteen languages, including such goodies as all three Japanese Phantom of the Operas, Joseph in Hebrew, Jesus Christ Superstar in Russian, Espreso Astral (Starlight Express) in Spanish, Phantom of the Opera in Spanish, CATS in Norwegian, Spanish and hopefully soon the 2CD Dutch set. Most recently, a very nice Net friend sent me a CDR with ALW songs in Hindu and Finnish!

I’ve also carried my collection over to Tim Rice’s Chess, having songs from that show in German, Hungarian, Swedish and Japanese. And ALW’s brother Julian’s cello CDS. And anything from Forbidden Broadway. The same very nice Net friend is currently working of the CDR of Forbidden Andrew!

I’ll stop now.

The devil, you say! I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. And…no more butt-monkey! :wink:

Speaking of Monkees…(and I can, for hours…)

I admit it–I’m a Monkee-obsessive and (Peter) Torkphile but can’t even approach some obsessives, especially those with Monkee-memorabilia enthusiasm. One man I met in Illinois (when I was traveling around to see Monkees concerts in 1997) has so much stuff he had a separate room for it (oh wait, PLD and I used to have one for Star Wars) and appeared on his local news as an ethusiast. We saw the tape!

As far as Buffy, I have almost all the eps on tape, I’m missing some from the first season. Again, I don’t collect a lot of the memorabilia or every magazine/book, but I have quite a few and do pretty well with dialogue, plots, etc. But compared to SOME obsessives (which I believe you and I discussed in person), I’m afraid that I don’t quite measure up.

So what exactly would you like to know about our obsessions? More than the above?

Sir that’s kind of hard…considering that TJ didn’t have much access to records, tapes, CDs and many other things. :slight_smile:

I have every episode of Nightmare Cafe on tape, but there were only about a half dozen of them, so that doesn’t really count, I guess.

I have every episode of “'Allo, 'Allo” in correct sequence and every episode of “Are You Being Served?”, including the movie, also in order. Lately I’ve been trying to get every appearance of the DC comics character “Unknown Soldier”, and am rapidly closing in on this goal (around 140 appearances by my figuring). I am also collecting the complete works of Issac Asimov, including all compilations, magazine stories, textbooks, etc. It keeps me out of my wife’s hair, so at least I don’t get any grief from her (until the VISA bill arrives, anyway).

All of my videos and dvds are in alpha order on the shelves.

All of the cans in my pantry face outward.

All of my towels are folded a certain way, if someone else folds them differently I refold them the way I like.

All of my books are categorized by author.

Is this what you were looking for?

I simply will not right with a dull or very short pencil. It sets my teeth on edge.

I will not use a “mechanical” pencil, as I have never seen one actually work for more than a few moments without some part of it breaking.

I will not use a pencil without sufficient erasing potential. Any pencil with absolutely no eraser it abominable.

I will not go near a pencil with teeth marks on it.

I must always have more than one pencil, in case of emergencies.

Pens, generally, are icky and will be passed over in favor of a sharp, long, and erasurally gifted pencil.

Pencils of any radical color are passed over in favor of the sedate and reliably non-distracting muted yellow.


Ya know, I started to put an explanation after the Jefferson line, but thought better. Right now, I’m sure that there’s a clever response I could make, I keep thinking I could tie the musical “1776” into it, but damn, I can’t think of nothing!

(Smiley face goes here, if I could figure out the characters)

Seriously though, Jefferson kept notes of every damn thing he did, sold, bought, wrote, etc., etc. Well, almost everything he did…

All best,


If Jefferson was alive today, what CDs would he buy? I keep having this image of he and John Adams listening to, trying to assimilate that “Picture this, we were both buck-naked, bangin’ on the bathroom floor” song."

I not only have every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on tape, but can name every episode. In order. As far as I’m concerned, the only scary part about this is that I didn’t even try to memorise them. IT JUST HAPPENED.

I also have every episode of Babylon 5 on tape. (But not a single episode of Crusade.)

Then there’s the Concrete Blonde collection, with every album, single, twelve-inch and spin-off project. I still can’t work out if e-bay is a blessing or a curse.

“I’m not crazy. I’m just a little obsessed.”

  • Jake Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, In the Cards

[sub](Stranded on the other side of the world from his video collection and mostly coping.)[/sub]

Give me the plot, and I’ll give you the title of any episode of Trek. Any generation. Or vice versa. I used to be really good with this; i’ve slipped lately but I should still be OK.

I’m undefeated at Capitals of Countries.

I can rattle off every Montreal metro station in order in either direction, and give a fairly complete architectural description of any given one.

Since matt brought it up, how does one go about finding the name of the episodes? I mean, I’m a fairly avid TV watcher, but the only time I hear the titles of the episodes are on the award shows. I suppose I could look them up on the Internet (somebody out there evidently knows this stuff), but I was wondering if the titles are ever aired with the ep.

Me, I need more obsessions…

First post from the new guy

In my kitchen, I can choose from between 15-20 different types of tea (teabags or premium loose tea) and some herbal “tea”. It’s getting out of hand.

All the best,


I get a lot of flak from being so Buffy-obsessed, too.

I own almost all the episodes (I’m currently missing ONE, I have some on computer, some on tape). I can name all the episode titles, quote like crazy, etc.

Actually, it’s an odd day that goes by that I don’t work a quote in somewhere…

But I’m glad I’m not alone =>

I have shelved the 900+ books in my personal library according to Library of Congress subject classification. This enables me to put my hand on a book immediately as it enters my mind. Each time I acquire a new book I look up its call number in the Library of Congress database, and write it in the upper right corner of the front endpaper. Then it goes to its exact place on the shelf.

When I was a teenager I could play the entire Beatles oeuvre 1962-1970 on the piano. I used to like to jam all of Side 2 from Abbey Road all the way through.

Heh, so can I. Well, not to THAT extent, but I can identify the episode just by a couple of seconds into the first scene. Sometimes just by the LOOK of the first couple of seconds. If I’m watching The Simpsons with someone I’ll mumble the episode name under my breath.

I have a somewhat Harry Potter obsession. My HP obsession is more mental, though, than materialistic. If I had the money, I’d probably buy up every HP product, but I don’t have the money. I almost flipped my lid when I saw a HP question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire the other week (very simple question, I might add).

I’m also obsessed with George Orwell, mostly with the book 1984. I did my Senior Paper on Orwell this year. Last year for Scholar Bowl, a series of questions were all on Orwell and my team mates stepped aside and let me answer the questions, and I got all of them. I have an Orwell Yahoo! Club. I have a little area on my bookshelf built just for my Orwell books. I have two biographies on him, as well.

So…is there anyone on the boards obsessed with American Gothic?

I need to get all the episodes on tape…

Hmm, mind seems kinda normal after reading these others:

I am trying to tape every episode of DS9 that has Garak, Dukat (and Anjuhl), or Damar in it. Other Cardassians are open for consideration.

If the local affiliate ever decided to show the whole run from “Emissary” on, I’d probably try to tape the whole thing.