Other Sports forums

Does anyone know any other forums which focus on any of the following sports.
[li]Athletics[/li][li]Swimming[/li][li]Basketball[/li][li]Rugby[/li][li]American Football[/li][li]Gymnastics[/li][/ul]

US Masters for swimming. Depending on what you are looking for, but it is mostly swimming and swimming events. A lot deals with older swimmers though, but when big events come around, like the Olympics, there is a lot of discussion as well.


American Football? There are probably dozens, it not hundreds of them. Just about every major US University has a forum devoted to their sports, centered mostly on Football. I am sure most of the NFL teams do as well. Ditto Basketball

This is a UK centric site (formerly affiliated with BBC I think) that has a rugby sub forum. and “Athletics” whatever sport that is. Not sure how active they are, though. The tennis thread is active though right now with Wimbledon going on.

Track and Field News forums are pretty good for athletics (aka track and field in the US). It is a bit US-centric, but has people from all over.

Try SB Nation.

The more active the better.

Planet Rugby has a forumbut it doesn’t rise abovr the “my team is better than your team” levelmuch IMHO/

that’s okay, all I need is some people who know the terminology.