Other than the obvious, who is screwed by a Trump win?

(The obvious being Hillary, minorities, the country, the world, etc…)

To me, one person who is screwed is John Kasich. Not only did he turn down being selected as the VP, he withdrew any hope of an endorsement after the Billy Bush video, saying “I will not vote for a nominee who has behaved in a manner that reflects so poorly on our country.”

It’s safe to assume that Trump is going to hold grudges in a way that makes Nixon look like an old softy. So, instead of being effectively President, Kasich is screwed.

Who else?

Not sure if you mean prominent politicians or ordinary folk.

If ordinary folk, then soon-to-retire folks will suffer a big hit to their 401(k)s.

If politicians - the entire Republican Party. They are going to suffer a blowout loss in 2018 and probably 2020, too.

Every woman who accused him of sex crimes.

Every journalist who has criticized him.

Every GOP donor who refused to give him money for the election.

All the banks that refused to fund him when he was in private industry.

The list goes on. He is going to seek revenge on people going back decades.

Why do you expect the blowout loss, considering this election? Do you think Trump’s policies will go too far for some people, or not go far enough for others? Or both?

ETA for the post above: that’s a big wild card for me: how much can Trump do and get away with it, both politically and legally. I don’t think it’s a done deal by any means that he can do more than bluster on that score - not if he wants to keep the Presidency.

Federal employee here. Me. I expect my job will be gone. I work in the life sciences field.

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That’s assuming there are elections. :wink:

as much as I had enough qualms with him to vote for Hillary, he’s not the end of the Republic. The splits in his own party assure that on trade and foreign policy. He also will probably wanna run again in 2020, and he has bested Romney in the Hispanic vote and the black vote.

If he wins the popular vote, he’ll both not win by a large margin, as well as a plurality, rather than a majority (not that that matters, as 47-46 isn’t much different than 50.1-49.1). He’ll need more women, more Hispanics, blacks, etc.

Alec Baldwin may be packing his bags right now.

The Ukraine, I guess.

The polls. Some of them? All of them.

I also think a loss will come not just from energized groups that will be affected directly by Trump, but also the realization by many (specially from the rust belt states) that all what Trump promised to them will not take place.

Trump is in it for Trump. If you have something that Trump wants, like a vote, he will be your best friend. If you give that thing to Trump and expect something in return, you will be screwed.


Nicola Sturgeon.

She is Scotland’s preeminent and most skilled politician. And she’s a loathsome person who condones racism and corruption. And she’s going to have to crawl.

The millions of Americans who now have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and who won’t have it if it’s repealed.

So… your inability to predict this event doesn’t give you the slightest pause here? Maybe a brief flitter of thought that says, “Wait, self…maybe I don’t have such a finger on the pulse of the nation as I thought. Maybe my confident predictions aren’t so hot.”


You can’t breathe in New Delhi and one of the causes is very very weak environmental controls. And now, we have someone in charge who wants to gut the EPA.

Clean air & water had good runs. But apparently, the midwest thinks we’ve had enough of those.

The Republicans have been doing this to the Rust Belt and the Christian Whackos since Reagan was elected in 1980 and yet they keep voting Republican…


Just think of all the anti-fed legislation that Republicans could not pass because of Obama and/or the Senate.

That’s all changed now.


Given the mutual admiration between Trump and Putin, could Edward Snowden be in danger of extradition?