OTHER Uses For Your Stuff/Appilances

Kind of a boring title, but…

I was SO excited when I was experimenting with my milkshake maker yesterday because I can make cappucinos AT HOME! (Maybe everyone allready knows this, but I didn’t and I’ve made 5 since last night!)

Just mix your coffee with a little hot water in a mug, heat your milk up in a milkshape container, use the maker on it, then pour the milk into your mug (and stir)… tada cappucino that doesn’t cost $4!

I also make Sizzler bread with my toasted cheese sandwich maker. You just butter both sides of a slice of bread, sprinkle parmesan on it, and put it in the maker. It tastes exactly the same!

Any other ideas?

Well, in a cinch, my wet-dry vac can perform first-trimester abortions…

Well, I have a front loading washer and it doubles as an home entertainment unit, much like a TV for me. For some reason, I get fascinated by watching the laundry get washed through the window on its front door.

I also think dishwashers should have windows for the same purpose.

[sub]Then again, I am also the same person that is fascinated by shiny objects…[/sub]

Well, I’m sure that everyone knows that any kind of excercise equipment (stair stepper, stationary bike) eventually becomes a nifty secondary closet for hanging clothes on.

My Soloflex is great for hang-drying.

I use my 45W soldering iron as a demagnetizer. (The handle end, not the hot end.)

I use my PC as a (long distance) video phone. (Why everyone in the country doesn’t do this is beyond me. Ten cents a minute? You have got to be kidding me.)

I know a lot of people who use their HiFI VCR’s to record just audio. (But then I hang out in the Beta world.)

I find that just a little Tabasco[sup]TM[/sup] Habinero sauce is an excellant way of discouraging little Golden Retriever puppies from teething on the corners of wooden furniture.

Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax (surf board wax) is great for stiff sliding rails on sliding glass doors and windows (warm water is best).