AMC’s rock festival this past weekend (“Monterey Pop,” “Tommy,” “Don’t Knock the Rock,” etc.) was sponsored by Celebrex, an arthritis medication.

Just a rueful little tid-bit I thought I’d pass along . . .

LOL, that is so funny. Were the Rolling Stones there? They really are the band of the living dead. Wait! If they were there wouldn’t they also be sponsored by Depends? hehehe


Jesus, Eve. The subject had me thinking that you had been rejected by AMC. Don’t scare me like that. :wink:

Shouldn’t they now be referred to as the Strolling Bones?

Thanks Trion…was wondering if I was the only one to think that.

I thought the same thing as Falcon and Trion! lol!

I caught that, ** Eve, ** and was terribly depressed since my sons both thought the whole thing was hilarious. Ah, youth, I can’t believe I made fun of…oh, never mind!

Fun tidbit—if you see the 1955 film “Rock, Rock, Rock,” or that AMC documentary narrated by Ringo Starr that shows Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers singing “I Am Not a Juvenile Delinquent” from that movie, keep an eye on the kids in the audience. Right up front is a teenaged Valerie Harper!

And here’s a spelling bee—I always thought the dance was the “Frug,” but I saw it on a record spelled “Froog.” Anyone?

Nope, I thought it was the ‘Frug’ too, but give me the ‘Freddy’ for really looking goofy.

And tomorrow we’ll all be one day older again.

Is being older any better if you’re “classic”?

[hyjack]I watched that special with my parents, and got to experiance my mother both cursing the Twist (the dance that destroyed my knee!!!) and doing the Froog. (or Frug) I’ll consult her on the spelling, as she is apparently my Frug (or Froog) expert. And she interviewed Fabian when she was in high school, a fact she insisted on announcing whenever he was on-screen. My father just did his own little boogie dances to Little Richard and announced that he (my father) did, too, have soul.[/hyjack]

And I was afraid AMC shunned Eve, too.

In a few more years we’ll start getting younger every day.

Gee, Eve, are you alright? Getting hit by an AMC Pacer must hurt!

Oh, this is about new-fangled music in the movies. **Everybody]/b] knows that recorded music hit the skids when the electronic microphone added a processed layer between the performance and the playback in the late Twenties.

Not at all - if there’s still one out there, it’s ready to fall apart when it hits anything more solid than a soap bubble. :smiley:

It’s ‘frug’.

Sqrl, you got that right; they look like they’ve been buried, decomposed, and dug up again. Funny, they used to sing, “Time is on my side”.

And, in the audience of the TV concert during A Hard Days’ Night, among throngs of teenage girls, stands a very young Phil Collins.