Ouch - did I just tattoo myself?

Putting the cap on one of those gel pens, somehow jammed the tip WAY into my right palm.

Of course, the tip then broke off, and I had to pull the tip out with tweezers.

When I squeezed the wound to get the ink out there was a big drop in there.

That was 5 days ago, and there’s still a nice black dot there after repeated washings.

I’m guessing I just gave myself an inadvertent permanent prison tattoo?


Do two more dots in the shape of a triangle and you’ll have friends for life.

It’s possible; I managed to jab my hand with a freshly sharpened pencil when I was 13. 27 years later, the little bluish dot is still there.

I think we had a thread once for all the people who’ve tattooed themselves accidentally with pencil tips. Mine is in my left knee and is 30 years old.

My micro-tattoo was made with a pen with Indian ink, and I think it’s about 40 years old, so it’s faded a bit, but still visible.

Now you’ll NEVER get a job! :eek:

I also jabbed myself in the palm with a pencil at age 13, and can still see the dot. Only in my case it’s closer to 39 years later. It has faded enough that you almost have to know it’s there to see it.

Start with one of these.

Sharpen it to a very fine point using one of these

The little black dot can take forever to fade if you manage to drop the pencil from your mouth and stab yourself in the thigh. They have more mass and can hold a better point than an ordinary pencil.

£17 for a pencil and sharpener. Glad I didn’t buy my own.

My pencil-jab tattoo at the age of 13 is only 22 years old, but it’s also still visible, though not very noticeable.

13 seems to be a rather popular age for pencil-jabbing.

My pencil jab (right knee) was in first grade and I still have the mark…37 yrs later.

Raises hand. Still have it.

My pencil jab was in my eyeball. As far as I know, there’s no mark.

spotthegerbil So you can sharpen that mechanical pencil to a super sharp point and it doesn’t break the second you start writing? I hate dull pencils but it was a breaking super sharp point that led to my eyeball jab.

I just want to say that I now consider you kind of edgy, and a little dangerous. I will subconsciously make more room for you on the subway (or at Subway).

If you were female, I would find you just a bit more attractive, though I could not bring you home to mother (or my wife).

Last weekend I pinched my finger 3 times with a pair of needle-nosed pliers (I think my hand is too big for said pliers) and have a triangle of little blood blister dots on my index finger.

I’ll be mysterious and cool for another week yet.

I believe that my mother managed to get a pencil jab at 13 or thereabouts, as well. I know that she STILL has the point in her hand, at the age of 74.


runs from the thread

You do get a tiny bit crumbling when you use it, but not as much as a regular pencil crumbles. Some folks rotate the pencil as they draw to maintain sharpness.

Unless you suddenly run out and buy a Harley, its just an ink dot.

Yeah, my poll showed nearly 50% of respondents still have a visible leftover pencil/pen mark from an earlier jabbing, and another 18% had one that has since faded.

I have a little blue dot just below the cuticle on my left middle finger from sticking it with a sharpened pencil that I was dumb enough to have in my pocket, sharp-side up.