Our baby was a preemie, you stupid FUCK!

im extremely surprised mgibson hasnt checked in here yet, personally.

Nice to know that I’m missed.


Jesus, all you have to say no matter what is “what a cute baby.” Guaranteed to put a smile on just about every parents face and hard to see how that can be taken in a negative light (although I’m sure someone out there could find a way to be offended).

Since we’re sharing, my daughter is Amer-Asian, top of the charts for height and right in the middle for weight. I, by myself, took her in for one of her shots and then a check up.

The pediatrician here in China said “uh oh, there’s something wrong.”

Break out in a cold sweat: “What’s wrong?”

Pediatrician: “Your daughter is too white.”

Me with a lot of relief and even more incredulity: “Did you happen to notice that I am caucasion and pasty white? Just MAYBE she’s outta be fairer than the average Chinese baby???”

A stranger once scolded my sister for “letting that baby out in the sun like that”. The flodsister puzzled a bit over that, as they were inside a grocery store at the moment. Then she realized the woman was talking about her son’s skin color.

Flodsister and her husband are both pale white. Little C. is from Vietnam and has skin the color of butterscotch pudding. Now, normal people look at their little family and guess that C. is adopted (correct) or that they’re babysitting for a friend or something like that. But then there’s the rest of the world.

I’ve heard comments about how fat flod2k was, including comments that he should be put on a diet. When he was three months old and exclusively breastfed. :rolleyes:

They say it takes all kinds. I hope so, because we sure have all kinds.