Our Buddies, the Pakistanis - (except for the child slavery thing, of course)

Maybe you don’t understand my complaint here, due to the denseness of your skull and the vacuum that lies within.

You started with an OP that criticized Pakistan for the child slavery that occurs there, and then implied that this was equivalent to the Iraqi situation. I then pointed out that you are an idiot because no one has accused Iraq of participating in the child slave trade. You then countered with more idiocy, saying that the US is going to war with Iraq because of starving children. I then pointed out that no one has used the specific issue of starving children as a reason to attack Iraq. You then counter with cites regarding human rights abuses that have nothing to do with child slavery and/or starving children, thus proving my points correct and yours wrong.

Now then, by your fourth post in this thread, you finally come up with a half-way informed and reasonable complaint. Congratulations. Next time start out with this, and put it in Great Debates and you will have a fine debate going.

Child slavery isn’t the whole problem there. My personal #1 is with that mass murderer bin Laden, most likely holed out in, or at least within easy reach of, Pakistan. But they’re purportedly an ally in some kind of ill-defined war. If they’re an ally, why not try a little harder to help us out here then, huh?

Hey everybody! I managed to shed some light tiny ray of light into the void that is Neurotik!

I’m so proud of myself :slight_smile:

s/b “…light - a tiny…”

happy - maybe you should re-read my post. When I say “your goverment” to you, you have to switch that to “my goverment” in your mind - ie whatever western-style goverment (probably Bush?) that you live under.

If I meant the goverment here, I would have said happy with my government.

Hope that makes sense.

A quote does not entail changing person. Perhaps I should have changed “your” to “[my]” - I didn’t consult a stylebook. Sorry.

IOW: Yes, I was able to figure out that you were referring to Shrub II et al.

My suggestion still stands: re-read this thread, and decide if I am defending the war-mongering morons.

p.s. - I prefer the nickname heathen - there is another poster who goes by happy (the scurrilous mongrel).

heathen - I never thought that you were defending any “war-mongering morons” - where did I imply that?

I was just commenting on the UAE issues.

War-mongering - is that the US or Pakistan? I am really confused.

istara -

This is getting recursive - your quip that I was happy with my government “happy - I am very happy you are happy and have a happy belief in your government’s integrity.” would seem to be asserting that I endorsed the Shrub’s war policy. I obviously do not.
As your concern is to defend the UAE, and I have no fight with the UAE (except as already noted), let’s let it drop, 'K?