Our corporate hot rod

Whoohoo! Thursday morning I have a new experience coming. I’ve flown in all sorts of aeroplanes, but I’ve never done a small jet.

I skydived for a couple of years, so I’ve flown in several small Cessnas as well as a Twin Otter; and my Aunt had a bush airline in Saskatchewan that I suspect was largely Cessna, although all I remember was that they were float planes. I did the Pacific ocean in a Super Connie a few times in the '50s. And my roommate in college was a flight instructor who had a V-tail Bonanza with which we buzzed the babes-at-the-lake a few times. And of course, I’ve done business class all over the nation in our current crop of 7X7s.

So, Thursday morning the new company jet is coming to pick me up and transport me halfway across the continent in 45 minutes. I don’t know what it is, but our drilling manager from the HQ who was in town today told me it holds 5 people besides the pilot and it is fast.

I’ll pick up some details and report back. Hot rod ride!

You got back, right?

Cool deal!

I’ve always wanted to fly in one of those small passenger jets. Maybe someday–till then I fly commercial.

A friend of mine who has his pilot’s license is going to take me flying after thanksgiving. When he made me that offer, all I could think was “mile high club”.