Our favorite internet cats

Remember the video from a while back with the lady who saved a kitten from being run over in the middle of an intersection? That clip got a bazillion views, but it doesn’t seem like a whole lot of people are following the channel. Well, I have been, and apparently Skidmark is doing great. And he has a sidekick now (another rescue).

I think it’s just about the happiest little channel on YouTube.

Beyond that: Someone on the Dope alerted me to the awesome comedic genius of Maru. Thank you for that.

Despite this abundance, however, I still feel the need for more internet cats in my life. Got any tips?

Well, there’s tinykittens.com (livestream page here), which takes in momcats (mostly feral) gives them a safe place to give birth and raise the kittens, spays and releases the moms, and socializes the kittens. It’s the peak of the season; one litter just weaned, two less than a week old, and one mom about to pop. Shelley (the woman behind the site) has done quite a lot to find ways to keep things low stress for the moms during their captivity. Skye, the last mom, has actually been socializing very well and may be able to be adopted.

The site also has updates on Cassidy, a kitten they rescued who had lost parts of both back legs. Shelley brought him back from the brink and helps him exercise and is seeing if he’s a candidate for prostheses.

Feast your eyes on Standing Cat.

Favorite? Has to be this one of A Cat In A Shark Costume Chasing A Duck While Riding A Roomba.

Emergency c-section; four kittens.

Scuba is pretty cute!

I likes big ol’ kitties.

Tiger stalking zookeeper with his back turned (camera looking over shoulder)

Voodoo Lounging (leopard enjoying a nice head rub by zookeeper

This is my second-favorite gif of all time: Touch tha fishy. I love the cat’s persistence. It’s also on youtube.

Snooky and the metronome. Cats apparently have no rhythm, as this one is startled by damn near every beat.

This kitty is super affectionate and makes some of the nicest sounds.

Pinky the cat is very loving and affectionate.

This video of a very bad cat made the rounds a while back, but the added music makes it even funnier.

Hairless cat enjoys rubbing owner’s beard.