our house has a stalker {serious}

This isn’t a joke… this really happened tonight…

I go to boarding school… this weekend was our homecoming and I went to the dance, I went to the game… and afterwads, our student home decides to go to a movie.

All the alumni were hanging around and sokme went to the movies, some of the elder ones stayed for the alumni dinner that a couple of my housemates were serving at.

The two gals in my student home were approached by a forty or fifty-year old man. This guy asked them to go to his truck and was giving them hints on sneaking out of the student home so they could go with him. He even gave a room number and hotel he was staying at. … not a very smart stalker… is he?


When the two girls from my home came back on the activity bus, the guy was following them in his truck and said stuff to them. He knows their names and where they live.

My other housemates and I had just come back from the movies as soon as they got in the house… They were all red in the face and terrified which freaked oout the rest of my housemates as well. We called security and had a cop come over to get a little description of the guy and he went off to the place they suspected the guy to be. Right now… we are kind of hanging around to see what happens…

people here are on the edges of their seats with every phone call and beep of the security system.

I figure I am keeping it cool for now… just by the simple logic that no moron would come by himself to break into a crowded student home with a dozen people… So I have a feeling this guy isn’t going to come back, but he may still be on the campus somewhere… all we can do is wait… i guess.


I hope they find this creep Molly. I’ve never been in a situation like this, but I once had to deal with a peeping tom when I was a teen. He scared the crap out of me, and they never did catch him.

You guys definitely have him out numbered. A house full of girls vs. one guy? And yeah, he doesn’t seem very bright giving out his room number of where he’s staying. Just keep cool and stay alert, it’s all you can really do at this point.