Our Man in Tehran - PBS

Thoughts and Opinions welcome…

I came away with a somewhat sympathetic view for a modern society struggling to change, much as our USA culture changed during the 1800’s. I am leaving political biases out of this discussion - because it doesn’t belong here. IMHO the video camera crew and the producers did an outstanding job. Any time a “travel” show makes me want to apply for a visa is way cool. :slight_smile:

Started watching it last night, but only got through about the first 20 minutes. I was tired and had to hit the sack. But it looks good, and I look forward to finishing it sometime this week. It’s a shame the country has to be shackled with a theocracy.

Recorded it. I’ll watch it tonight!

Enjoyed part 1, will be watching part 2 tonight.

It’s really good, I think. I might try to use it for the World Culture Regions (introductory human geography for non-geography-major undergrads) course I teach.

It’s actually a lot longer than the two parts you guys get to see. The original has two seasons with 9 episodes in total. Ik heard they started recording some of the bits in English in the second season, because they had reason to think it might get picked up abroad. The show has been received very well over here, and is following in the foot steps of some very good travel docs on public tv in the Netherlands.

Personally I liked the two VPRO shows on China better (“aan de oevers van de yangtze” and “door het hart van China”). A really interesting program maker, that surprises everyone with his Mandarin (or Cantonese, I’m not quite sure.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn Moto G (4) met Tapatalk

Bolding part of your quote. I was under the impression it was only two episodes limited. Maybe because USA with a short attention span, or PBS here couldn’t afford the whole series. I was impressed with the production values and and even somewhat unsympathetic views were treated fairly and with respect. I will definitely see if I can get the entire DVD collection. A show on China would be icing on the cake. I only know a few words in Mandarin, so would need English sub-titles.

Mixed feelings. Seems like a Crap-Hole with some seriously messed up ideology. And I got the feeling the guy was talking down to the Iranians at times. Beautiful country, however. But no desire to see it for myself.

I give it a “5”. Still better than Sit-coms. I’ll watch part 2 tomorrow.