The Office???

Similar to other threads about TV shows, I sat down and watched the pilot episode of The Office last night on Netflix. The show did not grab me at all. I think I got a half chuckle at one thing in the whole thing. Otherwise, it didn’t interest me at all.

In watching only that one episode, I have no interest in watching it again unless I’m told it gets much better.

So, does it get better? Is it worth my time to watch a few more?

Thanks, Dopers!


Which version? US or UK? I like the US version, so I decided to watch the original one, but I couldn’t get in to it.

Part of it was that I have a hard time understanding accents sometimes, and there are some heavy ones (to my ears) on The Office.

Both are worth watching, but I prefer the Americanized version.

It gets better. They find their own voice as the first season progresses. Then around season 4 or 5, it gets worse. Then it’s bad for a whole season. Then Steve Carrell leaves, and it’s awesome (if a bit aimless) again.

That’s just my opinion, though. Ask somebody else, and they’ll say it’s awesome until Steve Carrell leaves. Overall, I’d say it’s definitely worth sticking around for. You could even skip to the second season for better quality, and you won’t miss much.

The pilot episode of the American series is just a (poor) re-enactment of the first episode of the British series. Once they get to original episodes, the American series improves.

Note that doesn’t even include all of the options. There are German, French, French-Canadian, Swedish, Israeli and Chilean versions of the show as well.

Excuse my ignorance, but Those People have TV?:eek:

Noted, but I will say that in conversations about The Office, I’ve never been asked 'Which one, the US or Chilean one?" :smiley:

There are very few pilot episodes that are ever good. In fact, there are very few first *seasons *of long-running shows that are good.

True, and I doubt that any of those other versions are available on Netflix. But it would be fun to watch the different versions, just to see how the cultural differences.

Like how does the Dwight equivalent come off in Germany?

This article compares and contrasts various versions of the show.

First, US version.

The show has been going for eight (?) seasons now and I guess I expected more. I really expected it to grab me and pull me into it but it didn’t. Heck, it didn’t even describe who they were talking to when they look at the camera? Was it a news crew? Upper management?

Second, fair enough, not only what Munch said but what most said. However, I will disagree, and I know there will be disagreements to my disagreement. But I think there have been shows that I liked (obviously) that did well from the pilot onward.

Big Bang Theory
(new) Doctor Who (although long time fan, so this one isn’t fair)
Red Dwarf

These shows, for me, started out well and kept going. A few low points but overall quite good.

I won’t get into my own full list, but there were more that at least started well. Bones is an example that started well but I am not thrilled about it now and only watch it because Mrs vislor wants to watch it. I could give that up. But it started out great and pulled me into it from the first episode.

Maybe I’m expecting too much?


This sounds about right. Though I never really found it “bad”, the show did kind of run out of steam at some point, and it’s seemed a bit fresher this season.

But, yeah, don’t judge it by the pilot. Give it a few more episodes. It took them a little while to hit their rhythm, but once they did, it was the funniest show on TV for a couple of years, IMO. If it doesn’t grab you, no big deal, but if it does grab you, you’ll be hooked by the middle of the first season.

The thing about The Office is that you really have to push yourself to make it through the first season, it’s just not that good. I gave up once and someone pestered me to stick it out. Then, after that, you have to decide if you can put up with the awkwardness that the show makes you feel. If mellows out a bit after a few seasons though.

The show almost got canceled in its first season because it was so bad so yes, you were expecting too much, and yes it gets better. About half way through season 1 is starts to improve and by season 2 it’s genuinely very good. Season 3 is maybe one of the best seasons of sitcom television to be produced on network American TV, season 4 is not quite as good and season 5 is the last season that is worth watching. After that it’s still fine, it’s just no longer really all that great.

The reboot this season is hit and miss, a lot like the first season was. I think they are still trying to figure out where to go with it, but it’s not bad.

I say just skip to the second season. The first season is only six episodes, so you won’t be lost. If you like it, then go back and rewatch it.

I thought most of the Season 1 episodes were pretty good, except for the pilot. The second episode (Diversity Day) was quite funny, for instance.

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