Our Robot Overlords Have Mad Moves.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot busts a move in latest video.

I’m sure there’s a joke about being entertained while we’re slaving in the silicon mines, but it evades me for now.

Meanwhile, BD’s Atlas is parkouring his brains out:

I saw the dog dancing earlier today. It’s amazing. Now what will they do with all that raw dancing power?

It does look a little bit like the creature from Alien. :eek:

Every time I see Spot all I can think of is “Metalhead” from Series 4 of Black Mirror. I still laughed but it was nervously…

Did we just get mooned by a robot? Or was it twirking?

The robot dances better than I do.

Of course, that can be said of many things, including moderately nimble rocks. :smiley: