Our Sunday afternoon outing - a visit to the 150E meridian monument

After sitting around eating for two days, we thought it was time to get out and go somewhere. Our choice: a visit to the nearby town of Marulan and its monument marking the 150 degree east meridian (shown in all its glory in this link).

It wasn’t terribly impressive, but it afforded some geeky satisfaction.

Huh. And all I’ve done is go to the geographical centre of North America. Yours has a cooler monument.

The town of Lion’s Head, Ontario, where my father lived for a time, is almost exactly on the 45th north parallel. The main road in from Highway 6 has a sign ‘45th Parallel Road’ but as far as I know there is no monument.

You may be interested in this website - people visit degree intersections

I’ve wanted to visit the 45N 90W confluence in Wisconsin


Winnipeg, where we used to live, has monuments on either side: to the east is the longitudinal centre of Canada, and to the west is the Principal Meridian of the Dominion Land Survey.

An interesting link. Thanks for that.

I’ve done lots of amateur surveying of a site centered on 75 degrees 30 minutes east. To work around this line feels like a brush with the famous. On the other hand, it means the site is split onto two different USGS quadrangle maps. The old bridge that is the biggest local landmark seems split by the line. Turns out the two maps never quite line up, and all sorts of details don’t quite match.

Can’t quite recall the Dominion Land Survey monument, but the longitudinal centre of Canada isn’t really a monument, but a sign. the amusing thing about the signage isn’t just that it’s in both official languages (which you get used to after a while in Canada, anything official is in English and French), but that the signs for the centre - displaying the coordinates down to the second - one in English, one in French, are spaced a few hundred feet apart (same goes for the other side of the highway, the two differently spaced signs don’t even line up with the signs on the other side of the highway!) So, now there are 4 signs, each by definition on a slightly different longitude - which one (if any) is on the longitudinal centre??

Picture I once took of the signs