The four corners quadripoint of Canada: Anyone been there?

Everyone knows about the [url-“”]Four Corners Monument of the US, where 4 states touch each other at one point.

But a similar quadripoint in Canada seems to go sadly neglected. It even took a bit of searching to turn up a photo of said spot: The Multipoint Monument

Anybody been there to examine the obelisk? If so, is there room for a nice luxury hotel/spa complex nearby? Hasbala Lake Lodge seems charmingly rustic, but I’m sure more upscale travelers would appreciate extra amenities.

Is a Tim Horton’s nearby?

The fact that the point is apparently over four hundred miles from the nearest road probably hurts tourism.

It’s Canada. They don’t need roads!

And that road, is hell and gone from anything but road or bush!

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Now how did I miss that thread 10 years ago!

Thanks for the link.

Here is the “Degree Confluence Project” page on this location: link

And from there, there is an interesting description of a visit in 2001 which shows the difficulty in getting to such remote points: link

One reason it’s so unpopular is they put that funny, pointy thing in the way, so you can’t flop into four states at once like in the American one.

It’s also a relatively recent invention; it’s only existed since the 90s, when Nunavut was created.

They have one, called, I think “The Only Road in Canada” (source: Scott the Dick, Rick the Mountie, and Steve the Newfie). To get anywhere in Canada, you just follow The Only Road.

Although you may be able to impale somebody in four provinces/territories at once.

Heck ya I’ve been there. In fact, pretty much everyone in Canada heads to Kasba Lake for the Summer vacation We all stay at the cabins there, and catch up on what everyone has been doing all year.

“I got stabbed in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.”

If you did impale someone there, and a cop showed up to arrest you, could you just hopscotch around the obelisk to stay out of their jurisdiction?

It would almost certainly be a Mountie, who have federal jurisdiction, so no dice.

Of course we all get together there every year for summer vacation! How else would we keep up with everything?

Sorry I missed this summer, guys. Could somebody tell me how Bob from Toronto is doing?

Bob got a promotion. A minor one, but it helps with the car payments. How’s Jamie from Surrey doing?

Jamie’s good. Saw him last week - he was going out to play hockey with the Newfoundland guys.

Dammit, I was blissfully ignorant before this post. Now I want to go there. How the heck am I going to convince the missus to do this…

I’d like to argue with you, but I know which road you’re talking about.:slight_smile:

We drove through the longitudinal centre of Canada this summer on our vacation. It was very close to Winnipeg; if they have an attitude like they’re the centre of things, there’s a good reason for that.