The four corners quadripoint of Canada: Anyone been there?

Steve, Bill, and Sammy? Great guys. Tell Jamie to say hello for me!

The sad thing is, being at the point of those 4 provinces…yeah, stabbing is imminent.

Alas, my only claim to seeing anything like that is being in Lloyd at the AB/SK line.

Let me know how my son-in-law Duncan is doing, okay? He tells my daughter and me that he’s fine, but maybe he opens up more to you guys.

That’s Duncan from Quebec, m’kay? Not the one from PEI.

We have two Duncans? Gosh, that’s like a real country!

Geez, it’s a good thing you specified. I was gonna say that Duncan can’t shut up–every time I see him he tells me about his job, his car, his house, his sister-in-law, her dad’s pontoon boat, you name it. Duncan from PEI has got a serious case of running-his-mouth-itis. He just hasn’t been the same since Gordon up and moved to Halifax.

Hey, that reminds me, has anybody been up to the cottage lately? Is that one window still broken? And could somebody winterize it before it snows?

I named my new puppy Duncan as well.

Got it in my calendar for Thanksgiving, and got Halifax Gordon and PEI Duncan to help. Shutters on, hydro off, we all know the drill. Any volunteers for opening it back up on May 24th?

I’ll help with that, but I won’t help plant tulips in October.

Say, how’s Maurice doing? Didn’t he marry that girl from Banff?

Bob from Toronto and I will be there - and this time we promise to clean up the dead spiders - not like last year!

Relevant stuff from the Degree Confluence people.

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Just for the record, the quadripoint has actually been around since before World War I – it’s just that the northern two segments were merely two Districts (Mackenzie to the west, Keewatin to the east) of the Northwest Territories*.

  • Uberpedant mode: Strictly speaking 1999 marked the end of the Northwest Territories. When Nunavut was created, the areas not included in it became the Northwest Territory.

I don’t think so. I’ve never heard this anyway, and the webpage of the Government of the Northwest Territories writes it in the plural.

The relelvant federal statute is still the Northwest Territories Act, which defines it as follows:

To quote a great philosopher of our time, “I wuz misinfoimed!” :slight_smile:

When all four are full provinces, then you’ll have something. Otherwise there are plenty of places where four jurisdictions of some kind with straight line boundaries come together.

I’m pretty sure I saw Mantracker near there once. He was looking at a compass and scratching his head.

There really is nothing better than telling a Winnipeger that they’re from Central Canada. :smiley:

They must be; the Jets and Blue Bombers play in the EAST!

How’d they get that monument way up there.

You and I are now likely on a *list *somewhere. :slight_smile: