The four corners quadripoint of Canada: Anyone been there?

You’re not a real city until your Ikea gets up and running! Calgary is too far away. :frowning:

Sports hijack: Is anyone else calling them the Re-Jets, or is it just me? :slight_smile:

I can’t be certain regarding Canada, but in the US, generally, cops have a right to pursue a suspect across local or even state borders if they are in “hot pursuit” of a suspect. So if I’m standing near the VA/WV line on the VA side in Rockingham County, and a cop from the Rockingham County police shows up and tells me to stop and that I am under arrest, and I step over the state line with intent to escape, he could probably cross over and arrest me, and possibly cite me for eluding as well. Once the “hot pursuit” ends (e.g. the cop loses track of the suspect), the cop has to stop and contact local authorities and possibly get a warrant or ask local police to take over.

(yes, I’ve been in that area and have walked across the state line on foot and it is rather easy to do.)

As regards the quadripoint, the RCMP would have jurisdiction to chase the suspect around the point. The NWT, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba all use the Mounties as a provincial/territorial police force.

Better question: Can the RCMP, who provide police services to Manitoba, chase a suspect from Manitoba into Ontario, given that Ontario has the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)? Can the OPP chase a suspect from Ontario into Quebec, where the Surete du Quebec (Quebec’s provincial police) hold sway? And what if the suspect, being chased by the SdQ, leaves Quebec and heads into New Brunswick, which is RCMP jurisdiction?

I think the suspect would first have to say “Red rover, red rover, let the Mountie come over.”

By dogsled in winter, no doubt. What could be more Canadian?

There’s a fishing resort (accessible only by air) less than a mile from the quadpoint, in northwesternmost Manitoba. Link in my earlier post.

Since the RCMP has jurisdiction over federal crimes (the Criminal code), I would think they can cross borders in an investigation, though custom may have them contact the SQ or OPP out of courtesy. That’s really just a WAG though.

And if Bon Cop, Bad Cop is to be believed, the OPP and SQ don’t have the authority to investigate across borders; they must contact each other and work together, leading to shenanigans. And all French swear words becoming translated as “fuck” or “fucking”.

I’m not sure it’s the best reference on legal matters, though. Surely someone here knows a cop? Isn’t Paul from Moose Jaw a cop?

Not that Paul. You’re thinking Paul from Saskatoon. He’s a cop.

I’m thinking of the quandary our American friends would be in. “Okay, I’m driving in Canada. Oh hell, there’s a police car. What kind? Toronto police? But I’m on a provincial highway–is that OPP? Wait, there’s a Mountie–I think. Do they have police cars? I thought they had horses and dogsleds. But the car says “RCMP.” Can I call him ‘Dudley’?”

“Why are we slowing down and stopping? What’s a RIDE check? Here, hold my beer…”

“Da hell? What about my car? What about my gun in the glove compartment? I need it for protection!”

“Charges? What charges? But it’s my constitutional right as an American to carry a gun!”

“The US constitution doesn’t apply here? Huh? What are you, a Commie?”


Poor old Paul from Saskatoon, putting up with this.

Did you all know that the Feinblatt twins are in high school already?

Gosh, I still can’t tell them apart!

What??? Not already! Geez, but they grow up fast. Jerry and Gordana must be so proud. It seems like just yesterday they were out there playing Timbits hockey and breaking each other’s noses.

This reminds me of a story. Feel free to not read it.

Shortly after 9/11, when everyone was still slightly paranoid about Weird Things, I was driving home in Hamilton and I saw a man standing outside the barrier wall on a bridge/overpass on Highway 403. There is no sidewalk/pedestrian crossing right there, and he was just standing still, looking out at the water, there was no car on the side of the road (so it’s not like he hopped the barrier to get out of traffic waiting for a tow). He was wearing a dark coat, a dark ballcap and jeans. Couldn’t tell what he looked like, otherwise, other than noticing dark hair.

This, to me, was a Weird Thing. Was he just walking across where he shouldn’t be and stopped to admire the view? Was he about to jump to his not-so-certain death? Was he a terrorist? What the hell purpose would blowing up this bit of highway have, it’s not like anyone gives a fuck about Hamilton, Ontario.

So I get home (about 3-5 minutes from the area) and decide to call the police and report it. I think I called the local Hamilton number, the non-emergency line. The not-so friendly person on the line told me that since this happened on the highway, it was an OPP issue, and the bitch hung up on me. Stunned, I looked up the number for the local OPP (bitch, you couldn’t have transferred me?!) and I call.

The OPP guy takes a bunch of the details, and says “wait, was the guy on the highway or off it?”

“Outside the barrier, but it’s an overpass; there’s no “off” to speak of, really”

“Oh, but if he’s not ON the highway, it’s not our jurisdiction. Call the Hamilton police. He’s probably just fishing, have a nice day” and he hangs up on me.

Fishing? From an overpass that’s rather high off a small canal with busy traffic going by? Really?

At this point I’m beginning to think that either this poor man is dead and no one cared to help him, or Hamilton is about to be blown up and they fucking deserve it for their stupidity.

I call the Hamilton police back and get the same lady and I simply tell her “look, you have all the details, OPP told me to call you; I don’t care whose jurisdiction is it, there’s a possibility that something is Very Wrong and someone should look into this Weird Thing before something bad happens. Oh, and if something DOES happen, I can call the media as easily as I called you!” Then I hung up on HER.

I have no idea if anyone ever looked into the Weird Thing. Hamilton didn’t explode and I didn’t hear of any bodies being dragged out of the water, so I guess it’s a good thing.

For curiosity, is there a way to mark 60 N, 100 W on google maps? I was curious just how close I had ever come to this quadripoint - I’ve been in Fort McMurray, Alberta; Cold Lake, Alberta; Turtleford, Saskatchewan and Gillam, Manitoba - all of which appear to be at least ~1200km away, but I haven’t found out how to mark the spot so I can measure…

I used to work with Gordana; very nice lady. All of us on the shop floor liked her. She retired about ten years ago.

Her daughter was seriously hot. Not the twin; the older one.

Are those the Moose sisters?

Well, I don’t want to tell tales out of school, but I hear tell that Jerry’s been mighty friendly with that Nellie down to the diner. Free coffee she gives him.

ETA: Criminy, I hope Gordana isn’t a Doper.

Are you sure you’re Canadian? A true Canadian would have said Nellie down at the Tim Horton’s. :slight_smile:

A møøse once hit my sister…