Is this the northernmost house in the lower 48 US states?

49.368271, -95.152335

Just curious . . .

Isn’t a lot of Maine norther than that? Pretty sure there are houses there that are more northerly and still in the lower 48.

No, there is no part of Maine that is more northerly than that. Maine’s most northerly bit is only 47.459826

Not even:°27’33.1"N+69°13’29.7"W/@47.4588069,-69.2255264,262m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0 ? Hmm. I guess not. Certainly looks that way on some projections, though.

It has to be be. That is right on the northernmost point in the Lower 48 states and it is the only house around on the U.S. side of the border.

I’d say you’re right (I would have guessed NW Washington State)

The houses on nearby Penasse Island are further north.

Penasse Island has a few structures that are very very close to that latitude, according to Google Earth.

Northernmost building on Penasse island is only at 49.368044. That’s further south than the building I ID’ed in the OP at 49.368271.

On the flip side of the coin, this is the southern-most inhabited place in Canada. There’s a little island farther south (Middle Island) but it is not inhabited. According to my books on Great Lakes lore, Middle Island was a major waystation for smuggling during prohibition, and people actually lived on that little flyspeck island at the time.

Sure, but what’s 25.24 meters between friends… :slight_smile:

A lot, if you’re trying to get friendlier! :smiley:

Google needs better aerial views of Pelee and Middle island!

My readings regarding Middle Island report that it smells bad. Not sure whether to blame the birds, fish, or cladiphora.

I doubt that even if Google improves their image quality you’ll be able to see the stink squiggles coming off Middle Island.

Damn, I’m hooked on this stuff now! (It helps that it’s a really slow day at work, because most of our customers are still on holiday shutdown :slight_smile: )

I looked for the southern-most structure in Alaska. It looks to be in the Aleutian Islands, the town of Adak, AK.

The farthest west structures, in both Alaska and the US at large, are at Attu Station. It’s farther west than any point in Hawaii, even Midway, and is south of Russia. Wikipedia says it’s a former Coast Guard station that is now abandoned. I would guess Adak is now the western-most community in Alaska, in addition to the southernmost.

On the panhandle side, the farthest-south thing I found was the airport on Annette Island, with second place going to a community called Hydaburg on nearby Prince of Wales Island.

Ain’t it fun? I got so into this stuff that my daughter took me to visit Point Roberts when I was with her in Vancouver.

And Boozahol? I’m awaiting further developments in the field of Smellovision.

One of my favourite facts; the Galopagos Islands are directly south of Louisiana.

Very true. South America could well be called Southeast America.

And the US state closest to Africa is Maine.

Using GIS/tax information, it is trivial to find out the name and address of the person who owns that particular house and the surrounding land.

But do they have a Canadian or Minnesotan accent?