Trivia event last night - how would you answer this final question? PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS FIRST

The trivia team I was on last night was in first place going into the final question (which is like final Jeopardy - you can risk any portion of your points). We had quite the animated discussion as the clock was ticking. Half the team wanted to go one way, the other half disagreed, and there was a bit of tension as we finally submitted our answer.

So, please answer the question without cheating. I’m curious to see the results.

The question:

Of the 48 contiguous states, which state has the most northern point?

Well, I answered, but I was wrong. :smack:

Hmm, since I answered the same - oops :slight_smile:

At least I’m Canadian though!

I only know because my friends and I play a bunch of trivia games regularly, so I’m just full of useless facts :D.

Since currently, all three voters (including me) went with the same answer, it’s obvious I was wrong too. I was kind of torn, because it SEEMS obvious and there’s a lot of reasons why it could be reasonably wrong, but I decided to go with it anyway, since I didn’t have a strong #2. Oh well.

Well, I was wrong, but in good company, at least! :smiley:

Which is why you should have gotten it right. :slight_smile:

The northern angle, or whatever it’s called, trumps all…


Since we’re still early in the thread, I’ll put the answer in a spoiler:


Anyway, I was in the group that was correct, though I was not 100% sure. The other half strongly insisted it was:

Maine, which I thought would be too obvious

One of the wrong-guessers got semi-pissy because he was so certain he was correct - he even left the table for a moment to ‘cool off’.

It was pretty amusing when he turned out to be wrong. :smiley:


(It’s a sub-level of Denmark.)

Blame the mapmakers. I’m looking at two U.S. maps right now. In one of them, that one state looks like it goes up higher, but the other map makes it clear it’s that there other state that’s further north. One map shows latitude better.

Yeah, it’s maps like this onethat led me astray.

The northern tip of Maine is actually only about half-way up Washington State (It is south of Seattle which isn’t even close to the border.)

One of the “fun” facts you see is that the Southern most point of Canada is South of parts of half of the U.S. States and 14 states in their entirety- or something very close to this.

Hey, you can head south from Detroit to get to Canada. :slight_smile:

I did guess right, but it’s probably from the years I spent living there.

I answered Maine confident that I was wrong. But my second choice was Wisconsin, for the double wrong.

I thought this was an old trivia question. It seems a lot of us (me included) remember the old answer to this question to be Maine.

Maybe they moved Maine at some point? Or else it’s sagging.

I used to live in Maine, and for some reason I knew that wasn’t it. And I figured Washington, but that seemed too easy. But skipping across those middle states…yeah…I pulled Wisconsin out of nowhere. Damn!