Outdoor holiday lights without external power outlet

How might one set up outdoor decorative holiday lights if one does not have a power outlet on the outside of one’s house?

Maybe rig it up to your front porch light, using an adapter with a couple wall sockets? Like this.

I’d be concerned about how much power the lights would be drawing, though.

Or run a cable through the bushes to the neighbor’s yard.

Hmmmm … Interesting suggestion. Just the way my porch light dome is configured, though, I am not sure I want to risk that.

Crack a window open just enough to run an extension cord from the living room to the bushes outside. That’s how we did it at my parents’ house when I was a kid.

Edited to add, I think we removed the extension cord and closed the window during the day.

Is there such a thing as solar powered or battery powered lights available at a place like Home Depot?

That’s how we did it, too. Even in Chicago, it didn’t make the house that much colder.

Opening a window a crack is how we did it too. Get a flat extension cord. They are only a 1/4 in thick. You can use a bath towel to block out any cold air from the window.

like this

You don’t have an outlet in your garage either right? I use the one at the back of my garage (inside the garage) and run it under the garage door.

But I assume that’s considered an outdoor plug?

There are battery- or solar- powered outdoor decorations. I’ve seen them at Menard’s and Home Depot here. They claim that they can run for the season on one set of batteries.

This is how I’ve always done it. Certainly adequate, but then again, I wasn’t setting out any sort of Impressive Lighting Display ™ so I wasn’t drawing a lot of juice.