Outhouse "Peeping Tom" (TMI Meter TEN !!!)

A peeping tom was found inside of an outhouse and I mean INSIDE.
This guy is STRANGE !!!

Nice rant

That guy has a shitty outlook on life.

When I said “let’s go and get shitfaced”, I had something else in mind…

Your location has something to do with this, doesn’t it wolf? We understand.

Yet another reason why we need that pukeing smiley.

Imagine the reaction if he were to poke the “bullseye” while she was sitting there.

The name that the guy gave is clearly false. His real name has to be Glenn Quagmire.

Well, he’s certainly got shit for brains.

Perhaps he’s a believer that it’s better to be pissed on than pissed off.

(TMI Meter Ten !!!)

Naw… this meter goes up to 11.

When they ran this story on last night’s news someone hasd the idea for an “artsy” shot – they had a shot of the eporter taken from inside the toilet.
What I wanna know is — How did they get that shot?

He’s a Pooping Tom.

Fun fact: he’s from my hometown (mentioned in the article). It’s a small town and I knew tons of Moodys. We might have crossed paths.

Did any of them have a peculiar odor and some kind of brain damage?

My fifth grade health teacher had bad teeth. :smiley:

Man, we pretty much prefer a completely different kind of log cabin.

Well it definitely sounds like a scene of Family Guy!

Would they be bold enough to play the theme from Schindler’s List during the scene?

In such a situation the guy needed to think on his feet.

“This free proctology checkup is brought to you courtesy of Buttwell Inc, the asshole specialists - We never saw a hole we didn’t like!

Gary Moody, eh?

Yeah right.

It’s not just the dustbins one has to look out for, nowadays…