Outhouse "Peeping Tom" (TMI Meter TEN !!!)

Reminds me of a joke:

A farmewr answered the door one day to find a man on his porch, The man asked if he had any rooms to rent, as he had just moved to the area and needed somewhere to stay, and hasn’t had any luck to this point.

The farmer thought for a moment. “I do have the old outhouse, haven’t used it since we got the indoor toilet. You can rent that.”

The man was shocked, but desperate. He took the place, and the farmer noticed a satellite dish on the outhouse after a few days. A few weeks later, a secnd dish went up on the outhouse. Curious, he knocked on the door

After the small talk the farmer asks “Why do you need two satellite dishes?”

The new tenant replies “gee, I’m sorry. I should have checked with you, but I needed the extra money, so… I sublet the basement.”


I knew this story sounded familiar.
This guy is a copy-cat. Original outhouse bandit.
Possibly a not worksafe link.
Here are the details;

Robert Thomas Cobabe was arrested on January 5 for standing in Horsetooth Mountain Park, Colorado outhouse and videotaping women as they peed on him. A woman spotted the red light from his videocamera, and Cobabe initially escaped while wearing waders and other waterproof garb. He left his fingerprints behind however, and was caught later when applying for a state teaching license. Cobabe has been charged with third degree sexual assault.

How do you develop an addiction/fetish that requires you wear hip-waders while standing in human shit, to wait for more shit to drop down on you? I want to know so that I can make sure to aviod it.

Bowl Voyager

Scene IV
Act 3

Gary Moody and his date, Bette Davis are in the bowels of the outhouse:

Gary: Shh. I hear someone coming. They are sitting down! Quick, look up, Bette!
Bette: Oh, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We’ve already got the stars.

It wasn’t his fault: He was shitfaced!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw, he was just really, really supportive of the people using the outhouse.

It’s a clear case of the shit hitting the fan…

Well he’s in deep shit now.

He really should have shat this one out.

Oh my God. I can’t even joke about this. I’m just sitting here stunned. Oh my God.

Down, thar, in the tank you are
I believe that the stream does go on
Once more I open the door
And you’re beneath my seat
And my stream will go on and on

How the hell did he get in there? I can’t remember ever seeing a toilet bowl a grown man could get through (Trainspotting excluded).

I think even he is a copycat. I read an account of something similar in My Secret Life, in which describes in all-too-much detail his pit-loitering upon the emptying of the local outhouse hitherto, when (IIRC) peeking through the cracks of the walls got old.

In which it is described. :rolleyes:

And, if you’ll kindly ignore my extended presence in this thread—

A link, with video of the incident

Close inspection of the facilities proves two things:

  1. There is a prefabricated stool that must in some way detach from the floor for maintenance purposes, allowing the exposure of a decidedly larger opening through which the offender in question could more easily gain admittance to the chamber below;

  2. The shape of the top of the stool, which is somewhat reminiscent of a keyhole, does not resemble the decidedly round hole through which was obtained the art-shot CalMeacham described, nor the jagged edge surrounding the hole. I’m sure it was a piece of black posterboard hastily altered for this very creative shot (which fooled me as well, at first :slight_smile: )

  3. Hi O—Oh, to hell with it.

You know sixth-grade boys would have worshipped him and done anything he asked.

Joe K I finb the use of the word “stool” in your last post disturbing.

Yes, but of all the disturbing things in this thread, that is the least.

You know, I’m getting pretty tired of all the Tom Cruise threads around here.


…Never mind.

[Monty Python] He had an outhouse? Luxury! Why, when I was a lad we had to crawl into a mere ditch and wait for somebody to squat above it for entertainment, and it wasn’t a deep ditch, mind you. Sometimes our naughty bits stuck out of it.[MP]

Holy shit. This happened in Great Teacher Onizuka (a japanese comic.) I had no idea it was based on a real incident.

Although, in retrospect, I should have guessed.