Outlook 98 deleted files recovery HELP!

I just deleted a folder, accidentally, of course, from my Outlook inbox. I used shift+delete and had select “yes” when asked if I want to permanently delete the file before realizing that it was the folder, not the email that I was deleting.

In the past, I’ve used the Deleted Item Recovery add-in to fetch erroneously deleted things, but this computer doesn’t have it and any attempts to install it result in exactly nothing.

I have no archive, so that’s out.

I’m running NT 4.0 and Outlook 98, v.-8.5.6204.0, Internet Mail Only over the LAN, so I’m hoping/wondering whether there is a copy still on a server somewhere. It’s personal info, which is why I’m somewhat hesitant to involve the IT guys.

Anyone out there able to help me?

Well, things don’t look good. To check if you’ve been saving copies on the server, do this:

Menu Tools
Option Accounts
Choose Account
Advanced Tab
See if “Leave a copy of messages on server” is checked

If it is, stuff gets left on your POP server and aged off periodically.

As I say, it’s unlikely that this is the case. But try this. If you have been leaving a copy out there, I can tell you how to get it.

The Microsoft Support pages offer some insight…maybe not a solution for your specific case, but atleast you’ll get to figure how deep in the quicksand you are…


and type “recover deleted items”

you get :

Understanding Deleted Item Recovery

How to Recover Items That Have Been Hard Deleted

How to Recover Items That Do Not Touch the Deleted Items Folder

Restoring from an OST after Deleting the Mailbox ( not sure if this one applies in your case )

Thanks folks, I appreciate the info.
Bill, I looked and nope, no joy.
xash, the first thing I did after realizing that my copy of Outlook didn’t have the “recover deleted items” was go to the MS site. I tried all the things they list, but, quite simply, none of them work. This one in particular “How to Recover Items That Have Been Hard Deleted” looke dpromising, but again, no joy. I appreciate your input, though.

Well, thanks anyway folks. It figured that the one folder above all others that I’d want to keep is the one that prompts me to archive and set recovery measures, after it’s gone, of course. :frowning: