Outlook Express Agita

I use Outlook Express to compose some e-mails. It’s basically okay, some limitations. There are two things that are vexing me.

  1. For a short while, I was able to put a pretty wallpaper into the backgrounds of my emails. It was a cloudy sky. Lovely. THEN, for some uknown reason, it became an attachment, and was no longer in the background, even though when I WROTE the emails, it showed as being in the background of the letter.

  2. I can not print any incoming emails to Outlook Express. I can’t figure out WHERE a setting would be for this. When I do try to print it, I get one thick line, that goes about 1/2 way across the page, up at the top, about 1/16th inch thick, then a blank page.

Anyone know about Outlook Express, who might be able to steer me to fixing these two issues?

Many thanks in advance,


  1. Check your “format” menu and make sure HTML is checked.

  2. I’m not sure I understand your problem. Are you opening the email first or trying to print from the Inbox view?