Question re Outlook Mail: Showing names of attachments in HTML format

for the purposes of comprehensive file-keeping, I print out all of my e-mails and put the hard copy on my file. I’ve got an issue regarding attachments.

If the e-mail is in one of the text formats, the attachment shows as an icon with the file name when I print it out.

But, if it’s an html e-mail, the attachments are listed in an “attachments” field under the “subject” field, and when I print the e-mail, the attachments field doesn’t appear, so the hard copy doesn’t show the names of the attachments.

since the point of printing it out is to have a hard copy showing who sent me files and when, this isn’t very helpful.

I’ve poked around in the prefs, but I can’t find an option to print the attachments field - am I missing something?


I don’t know what IE Mail is, but the same thing happens with me in outlook. This link looks a bit helpful:

Outlook :smack: not IE mail :smack::smack:

thanks, I’ll check out that link.

hmm - that option in the link from chrisk requires spending cash. I was hoping for a preference or option within the program that I was missing.

yes, I’m cheap. I’m okay with that. :cool: