MS Outlook - print e-mail w/o To: names

I get e-mails with tons of names in the To: field, pages sometimes.

Can I print these in Outlook without the names of all the people the e-mail is adressed to?

I’m assuming you don’t want to do a “Save as”, create an HTML or TXT document, and then edit the document before printing?

Highlight the body of the email. Then go to Print and there should be a spot called “selection.” Pick that, and just what you have highlighted will print.

Not really - I was hoping to print directly from Outlook but just suppress the To: field.

Unfortunately that also prints all the names in the To: field.

SOL I guess :frowning:


Forward the email, but don’t click Send - all the stuff in the original email is now editable. Delete all the stuff you don’t want, then print.