Possible to print an entire folder from Outlook?

I have a bunch of sorted e-mails that I need to give to a client in a reliably portable, readable format. (ie; I don’t want to give him a .pst file on a DVD.)

I thought that there was a way to print a whole damned folder from Outloook, but it only seems to want to print a single message at a time. There are over 2000 messages there, I don’t really want to click “OK” 2000 times. I figure if I print it double-sided and three-hole-punched, I can probably give him fifteen or so 3" three-ring binders for a little light reading.

I have heard vague whispering that it’s possible to use Acrobat to produce a .pdf file from an Outlook folder, but I don’t find a way to do this. (I have Acrobat 6.0, Standard.)

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Have you tried pressing “Control + a” to select all the items in the folder and then clicking on Print? That might work.

This treats it as 2000 separate print jobs.

I could do this and then lean on the enter key, but I’d really like to be able to double-side it, at least. :slight_smile:

Outlook 2003 doesn’t treat them as seperate print jobs, for “confirmation purposes”. At least it didn’t for me a moment ago when I tested it out. It does send each to the printer as an individual job though.

As for duplexing (double sided), you could configure your printer to do this by default. Open it’s properties, go to the Advanced tab, select “Printing Defaults”, then go to the Finishing tab, and check off “Print on both sides” This will default all jobs to double sided printing (These are HP specific instructions, but other brands of drivers should be similar)

In this case, each email will be double sided, but a single page email, will print only on one side.

I was using a printer driver (for a high-end copier) that uses “Job Accounting” - you are prompted to enter a department ID for every print job, to ensure that the printing costs are charged back to the appropriate client.

…so every email would pop up a window, asking for the Department ID and password. This is what was hanging me up.

Luckily, I’m the IT guy at the office, and the guy who prepares the copy charge schedule, so I was able to commandeer the copier, disable job accounting, and run my job as suggested. I just manually tabulated the page count and I’ll make the adjustment at the end of the month.

The closest I could get to using Acrobat to do what was claimed was to do the same thing, using the “Print to PDF” feature - with the intention of later compiling the resulting .pdfs into a single massive .pdf file. Unfortunately, the driver would get hung up on every nth job, and want to assign it a different filename. This means that sort order was impossible to maintain. Didn’t matter whether or not the print spooler was used.

Thanks for your help, folks.

I see in Access where you can import an Outlook folder, after which you could presumably create a report and print it. This is in Office 2007.

  1. You left out a crucial detail there. :smiley: I’m the print guy at my work, and didn’t think of that, as you didn’t say it. I see exactly what happened though. HP or Xerox?

  2. It’s good to be the IT guy.

  3. Adobe sucks. I’m not surprised you had trouble. There has to be a better shareware version of a similar application out there that would have worked better, for 10% of the price. <gets taken off by the white-coats to grumble about Adobe printing in a quiet place>