Printing an Email

Is there a way to print just the text of an email so it doesn’t show the "From, To, Date, etc?

Copy it into a Word doc?

ObPedant: those are technically part of the email. “Printing the email” means printing those too.

But understanding that you only want the body of the thing printed… Maybe look for a way to print only highlighted text and only highlight the body of the email?

Even more crude, highlight the text, copy to clipboard, open a text editor or word processor, paste the clipboard and print that document.

Anything more convenient or less clunky will depend very specifically on what you’re using to view your email.

On Chrome I can highlight the text I want to print, right-click and select “Print…” and only the highlighted text will be there. In the case of an email, the page header will still have my email address at the top. Under “More Settings” un-checking “Headers and footers” will remove this too.

Screen shot it into your photo program then crop off the bits you don’t want. Insert it like you would a photo into another email or whatever.

Easy Peary!

Highlighting the portion I want to print doesn’t work. That was the first thing I tried. So I took an extra second to think about it and figured out the easiest way. I highlighted the text, Control C to copy, went to Microsoft Word, then Control V to paste it into a new document.

Thanks for your suggestions.

You figured it out before me!

I think we’ve all been there at least once. Selective printing is inconsistenly implemented, and that workaround is quite reliable.

Taking a screenshot and printing that would work too, but obviously less easy to control the output size.

Didn’t know I could do that! Thanks!

Really? My photo app easily allows to adjust the size before pasting somewhere!

You’re right of course, I was just alluding to the fact that it may need a tweak to print at the size you want, whereas Word is already a standard A4/US Letter size.

Just don’t do it like this: