Outlook Express Error

I can open Outlook Express and download new messages. However, when I try to open any email messages, I get the following: Outlook Express has encountered a problem and needs to close. When I get the details of the error, I see this: EventType: InPageError P1: c0000009c P2: 00000003. I am running Windows XP Pro. Any suggestions?

I could not find anything on the Microsoft web site. This is a new laptop and my email was working fine until yesterday (Monday) morning. As far as I know, I have not downloaded anything malicious but since I am also having problems opening Norton, I am unable to run a scan at this time. (My Norton issues would be a completely different topic!).


Are you running a spyware checker as well as Norton (or does Norton include a spyware checker these days)? I wonder whether Norton got borked somehow and damaged the rest of your system?

Norton is definitely causing a problem. I tried to re-install it using the disk that my IT guy sent me (this is a company computer) and it still isn’t working.

Sounds like you may have a corrupted data file.

I’d start with the Inbox repair tool.

If that doesn’t clear things up there’s some more MS advice

Projammer, I followed the directions in the first link and my question is, is it bad if Ido not even have a .pst file?

I’m not an expert at OE, but I think that the .pst is required. It may be that it’s buried several folders deep in your profile. Try doing a find files for .pst and see what turns up. I’m not at home right now so I can’t get into OE to tell you were to look to see where it is looking for the file. I’ll check tonight after work.

No, because you said you’re using Outlook Express. OE stores its files in the .dbx format. Outlook (and only Outlook) uses a .pst file.

From a brief scan of the web, it doesn’t look like this error is specific to OE; it seems to crop up with a corrupted DLL file.

One suggestion I can make is to go to Start, and then to Run, and enter

sfc /scannow

which will start the Windows System File Checker, and identify any corrupted files. You’ll get a progress bar saying something like “Checking protected Windows files” and if a corrupted file is identified, you’ll be given the chance to restore it from your install CD or other location. More about SFC.

What Dervorin said.

.pst files are for full versions of outlook only. My mistake. Apologies.

The System File Checker and several other suggestions are covered in the second link I had supplied.

When I try to execute sfc /scannow, I get a message that I need the Windows Service Pack 2 CD. This doesn’t make sense to me because you can download SP2 from the microsoft website so why requrie a CD here. I tried to use my original XP CD but my computer didn’t want it. Oh well - I think I’m going to have to take it to Geeks To Go. Thanks anyway!

This might be a stupid question, but have you tried scanning the disk for errors (in the Tools section of the drive properties dialog)? - it could just be something as simple as a corrupted File Allocation Table (or equivalent) - errors such as crosslinked files, which might not even result in any data loss, can still cause applications to crash.

Try scanning the hard drive - check the box that says ‘automatically fix errors’ - it will tell you that it can’t do it right away, but you can choose to have it run the scan after a restart.

Mangetout, you are my hero! I spent two hours on the phone with the Geek Squad this morning and they could not fix my problem. (Luckily, they gave me a refund.) Thank you!!