Outlook express question

I am trying to fix Outlook Express. I tried Microsoft site but was unsuccessful. When I click read mail a pop up says, “Outlook express could not be started. The application was unable to open outlook Express message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk may be full. Contact microsoft support for further assistance (0x007000E, 5)” When I click Ok another one comes up. “Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.dll could not be initializeed. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly.” I have been having this problem since my profile was corrupted and I fixed it.

A few articles from the MS Knowledge base that might assist:


Needless to say, any messing about you do is done at your own risk and neither I nor the Microsoft devil will accept any responsibility for any damage done. You should back up your system before attempting any sort of registry hack.

Have you attempted to reinstall the entirety of IE/OE with the latest version (IE6, SP1 plus fixes)?

You don’t mention what version of IE/OE you’re using, nor the version of the operating system… I hope this information gives you a starting point.


Have you tried the “Add/Removal” thingy? If you click on OE at the Add/Removal, it will open a box asking you if you want to repair it, IIRC.

Hi Caffeine_Overdose
What O/S are you running? And what version of OE? Might this be your problem?